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Increasingly, businesses are opting to seek cost reductions and increased efficiency across their array of service streams from a single agency of professionals, rather than working within complex supply chains. Kingdom’s Facilities Management service has been proven to help clients focus on their core business by instructing our finest multi-disciplinary teams to manage their facilities for them on their behalf.

Kingdom is one of the UK’s top-performing and most highly-accredited providers of national Facilities Management solutions. We have an impressive list of high-profile clients across many demanding business sectors, and we are equipped to support even the most complex public-facing environments.

Our approach to Facilities Management is wholly unique and sets us apart from our competitors. Through passionate people, we understand and stay close to your business, and work to improve your service whilst reducing your spend. We stabilise, improve, challenge and innovate to provide a leaner, smarter and more connected service for each of our clients.

Our regional support offices and dynamic workforce are deployed evenly across the UK, ensuring that our clients receive access to and support from an integrated local management solution that is both relevant and robust, and provides maximum value for money.

Our Kingdom colleagues drive our success, so we want them to achieve great things and be rewarded for their efforts on a ‘job well done’ – for you. Kingdom adds value to your business by securing, deploying and retaining the right people; supporting them with bespoke and comprehensive training tailored to your sector. Our training reflects the key issues faced in your industry, and focuses on the criteria that matters the most to you.

Local Kingdom specialist managers hold such leadership roles owing to their wealth of expertise and qualifications. We give them the time to understand, manage and support your contract in the fullest sense, and to ensure that our colleagues at your facilities are happy, motivated and delivering a great service for you and your brand.

Our specialists will provide cost containment, improve operations and implement best practice. What’s more, the service we provide means you can access and be kept up to date on everything through just one direct, secure and easily accessible point of contact at all times, thus allowing you the time to focus on your core business aims and activities.

At Kingdom, we boast the most skilled people, key technologies and latest products available to drive top-level performance you can measure and control as part of your business planning.

Our core Facilities Management solutions are extensive, yet our offer is always tailored to your needs.

Such solutions include:

I have been really impressed with your reception team and their good nature and smiles. They always try to help me out, often going beyond what they need to do. I am not the only person to have noticed this. Please pass on mine and my team’s thanks for how good they all are and how much we appreciate their help.


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