Tried and tested services

Our manufacturing & logistic sector team has extensive experience and an in-depth understanding of this sector and focus on the criteria that matter most to you.
Recognising the ever growing issues faced within this sector, Kingdom has developed tailored training courses.
We work closely with you to devise a service solution that is both relevant and robust and aligned to cost pressures and the innovation you need to achieve your goals.
Drawing upon our familiarity with the widest range of stringent regulatory and safety standards and operating environments (often bonded), we can guarantee that each solution will meet the seemingly conflicting requirements of flow and risk and is fully integrated into your specific needs to provide excellent passenger and customer care.

Tailored training

Sector specific training ensures our team members know how to handle challenging and complex situations in this unpredictable industry.


A holistic service

Undertaking a full range of services, we are able to respond effectively to the needs of your business, working together to build out a strategy that works for you.


A proactive approach

Our staff take a no nonsense and proactive approach, executed with professionalism.


Protecting people and property

We support major M+L contracts with best-in-class services delivered using the latest service modelling techniques and methodologies.Undertaking a full range of services we are able to respond effectively to the needs of your business, often at short notice and operating in total confidentiality. Embracing your demographics, culture and sensitive requirements, our colleagues complete appropriate level vetting.