Through Cutting-Edge Technology

Commercial Cleaning Tailored To You

We utilise cutting-edge technology to optimise our commercial cleaning services based on all the characteristics of your premise that make your workplace unique and important to you, such as:

  • The layout of your workspace
  • The surfaces and fabric of the environment
  • The changing characteristics of your footfall
  • The times and places of congregation

All of these inform our approach to cleaning and means we use fewer materials, work efficiently and offer an outstanding service, no matter how big the environment.

We follow unique working methods that guarantee enhanced standards of cleanliness for our clients. This is more than just creating a rota of areas to work on. Our ‘Theme and Task’ approach ensures all colleagues know their role, the tasks they’re responsible for and how they’ll be assessed on their work.


Quality Team Members

Our cleaning specialists only deliver the highest level of service.No matter the challenge, they work exceptionally hard.


A Proactive Approach

Our staff take a proactive approach to cleaning services, executed with professionalism.


Backed By Technology

We’re considered the benchmark for quality because we harness innovative technologies that we use to deliver excellence.


Outstanding Service

Our cleaning specialists deliver the highest level of service. No matter the challenge, they go above and beyond to get the job done.


Sustainable Materials

We’ve earned the neutralcarbonzone™ accreditation which highlights our commitment to using ethical cleaning products and reducing our carbon emission levels.


A Holistic Service

We work together in an agile way to develop a cleaning solution that works for you and your business, to offer results that you can measure and control.


The right people, who become your people

Our greatest asset is our people. It is our colleagues who clean our clients’ buildings, which is what we’re measured on. They’re the backbone of our professional cleaning business so supporting and developing them is essential.

Supporting our people

We’re committed to our colleagues and believe their hard work and dedication are second to none. That’s why we’re pioneers of the Living Wage for Service Providers, ensuring all colleagues are motivated to deliver excellence. Mental Well Being is another important area of focus for us and our Employee Assistance Program is an important tool to look after the wellbeing of our staff on every level.

All new colleagues follow comprehensive training programmes and we encourage our cleaning teams to enrol on relevant courses available, allowing them to develop their skills and deliver the best possible standards of cleaning and customer service that create an exceptional workplace experience.

Leading in Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Across the whole Kingdom Group, we proactively disrupt industry norms when it comes to DE&I. This is also true at Kingdom Cleaning and you can count on working with a considerate company and representative workforce.


The only provider of carbon neutral cleaning

Having established a full measure, reduce and offset approach to our carbon management program we have been awarded the neutralcarbonzone™ accreditation.

Our focus is on continual improvement, both in terms of further reducing our emission levels, and in rolling out our no impact ethos within our operations. This has been realised through the creation and implementation of a fully carbon neutral cleaning service at all our client locations. C₂Zero is the UK’s first and only fully carbon neutral cleaning system.

Expert cleaning services for your sector

The national infrastructure we have in place allows us to place our specialist teams onsite at premises all across the UK and Ireland. We have vast experience working in a number of industries and sectors, developing bespoke solution models tailored to meet the needs of clients, and we provide leadership and expertise alongside your in-house facilities teams and supply chain partners to create a ‘one-team’ culture focussed on your workplace experience.


Commercial offices

We provide specialised cleaning services for large, commercial offices. We get to know your particular needs and find the best way to ensure:

  • Your office environment always creates the right first impression
  • Your cleaning program plays its part in diversity and sustainability initiatives
  • Your office leaves staff feeling safe and productive

Financial and Professional Services

We deliver expert cleaning services for major financial and professional services organisations. We understand the unique intensity of the working environment and the support that your premise and your employees demand on a 24x7x365 basis. We’ve built long-standing relationships thanks to our efficiency, attention to detail and innovative approach. We know how important it is to ensure:

  • Your team isn’t disrupted and our cleaning professionals appear part of your organisation
  • Your office environment is inviting to your staff and attracts talent
  • Your ways of working and who you work with are all secure with full background checking in line with your stringent vetting processes
  • Your sustainability and diversity goals are aided by our carbon neutral processes and  inclusive workforce

Manufacturing and logistics

Our fast, effective and high-quality cleaning services are ideal for the manufacturing industry. Ensuring your operations run smoothly with minimised downtime starts with a clean and streamlined space. Most importantly, we recognise our responsibility to operate to your validated systems of working to ensure we meet all relevant standards of health and safety, quality and regulatory compliance.  Our domain expertise covers heavy manufacturing, food production, the life sciences and other industries that operate in highly regulated spaces.  We know how to achieve this in your environment:

  • By using the correct equipment and properly training staff to work in an industrial space
  • Ensuring your downtime is kept to a minimum by working intelligently and understanding how cleaning can work around your schedules
  • And making sure we provide a validated audit trail so you're never caught out

Public sector

We have extensive experience working for public sector bodies all over the UK. This has brought special learnings and experience that you can use to:

  • Ensure cleaning of your Local Authority or Education facility is delivered by a local workforce
  • Your spend is fully justified and valuable, with the level of contractual detail you require
  • Be proud that you’re using a carbon-neutral cleaning service that boasts an inclusive and diverse workforce

Driven by award-winning innovation

We’re always looking for ways to improve the services we offer and won industry awards for our innovative approach. Our structured and organised approach to innovation can be seen at all levels of our organisation. From examining building analytics to exploring cutting-edge equipment and machinery, we harness the latest technologies and methodologies to deliver outstanding results every single time..

Kingdom Cleaning have looked after the cleaning contract for many years at our site in North Somerset. As our business needs have changed, they have tailored the service to suit with an extremely flexible approach. The Kingdom Cleaning operatives get on with the job in hand so that we can get on with ours with minimal disruption. I would recommend them for all cleaning requirements

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