Building a legacy

Terence Barton, our CEO has headed up the business since its inception, and Kingdom remains in the Barton Family. Over the years, market and customer opportunities have allowed us to grow our service offerings to become one of the largest national privately-run companies in the UK and India. As recognised pioneers of innovation in our industry, we are driven to explore new ways of working and fresh approaches to progression within the support services market.


Service With Care

Community - We will support and invest in the communities in which we serve.
Ambition - We challenge ourselves to be the best in class in everything we do
Respect - We respect each other's differences, and contributions.
Environment - We manage our business to protect the environment and work in the most sustainable way possible.

Our Leadership Team

Group Leadership

Our national network is led and supported by our leadership team. Our leadership team is known and visible and responsible for delivering the Kingdom vision, goals and key drivers and for ensuring all of our colleagues are happy and motivated to deliver a best in class service to our clients.

Terry Barton

Chief Executive Officer

Overseeing a very united organisation is a privilege. There’s so much diversity, experience and ability across the business, I am honoured to be the head of this dynamic group of companies.

Rob Barton

Group Director

With innovation at the core of our business, I pride myself on creating and delivering innovative applications and solutions to support operations and service delivery.

Mark Wallace

Group Director

With 30+ years in the security industry, success is best delivered through trust, transparency and delivering a quality service consistently, which is exactly what my team does.

Michael Fisher

Group Director

Group Director with vast experience in both, serving within, and delivering to, Public Sector Organisations including the Police, Security Services, and Local Authorities.

Jaimie Potts

Group Commercial Director

An engaging business leader who enjoys the daily challenge, performing at a high level while thinking about different solutions to challenges. With strengths in sales and finance I love being part of a successful team.

Graham Allison

Chief Operating Officer

With over 25 years in a leadership role within the security industry, graham brings a wealth of experience across all sectors. Focused on ‘Best in Class’ service delivery and innovative solutions, which are key to ensuring our customers are always at the forefront of our offerings.

Balraj Sohal

Chief Operating Officer

A seasoned Chief Operating Officer with a robust background in the UK healthcare industry. Balraj's track record includes optimising operations and implementing strategic initiatives to elevate patient care. He brings innovative leadership, regulatory expertise, and a commitment to excellence, making him a valuable asset for healthcare organisations aiming for growth and success.