2 M

pieces of litter
are dropped every day
in the UK

- Keep Britain Tidy

3 K

tonnes of dog waste produced
with people reporting a surge
in dog fouling since lockdown

- The Guardian & The Independent

976 K

Fly tipping issues
reported to local
authorities in 2020

- UK Gov


Our Mission

To reduce and remove environmental crime and anti-social behaviour from your community

The amount of litter dropped each year is on the rise. It negatively impacts the quality of life in your community and is proven to lead to other criminality.

You can reverse this trend, turning a declining attitude towards an area into a more positive one and even use it as a revenue-generating scheme.

Using virtual mapping software and data analysis, you can deploy teams into ‘problem areas’ to tackle littering, dog fouling and other anti-social environmental issues.

How it Works

£6M Raised for Local Authorities in 12 months

You can deploy tactful, professional enforcement teams in your problem hot spots.

This intelligence-led method uses Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) against offenders and stops the problem at source.

But it's done in a way that's non-combative and and completely legal:

  • Street patrol teams undergo comprehensive customer service training and are supported by a central infrastructure network
  • Offenders are given the ability to appeal to Magistrates court to build transparency and trust into the scheme
  • The scheme has a proven 75% payment rate and helps change resident behaviour for the better

Our charging model ensures no other authority budgets are affected and the service is funded through the operations we carry out.

All costs are met by the FPN payments - not your Local Authority budget.


Proud to support our communities

Our team is passionate about providing local authority support because we’re part of the communities we’re helping. We take pride in our work, and that we deliver safe and clean spaces for all members of the local community to enjoy.