If you knew your fire protection system was fully up-to-date?

Fire compliance is one thing. Knowing your facility is completely safe is another thing entirely.
Our team offers a complete range of passive and active fire safety measures. This starts with a full survey of your premises and followed by a full written report:
  • We carry out an initial risk assessment to identify any areas of concern, or failures in compliance before identifying the systems that are best placed to resolve them
  • We install and service everything to make sure it’s operating perfectly and then monitor each system, taking a series of agreed actions in the event of an emergency
  • You can be confident that your building and the people using it are best protected against the dangers of fire and smoke when they have a Kingdom Technology fire system installed


Get total peace of mind

You can rest easy knowing that the right people will be notified immediately if one of your systems we’re monitoring activates.

Even if it’s late at night or during the weekend, our monitored systems keep an ever-watchful eye on your premises.

Our cutting-edge fire protection systems include:

  • Analogue Addressable and Conventional Commercial Fire Alarm Systems
  • Wired and Wireless Commercial Fire Alarm Systems
  • Voice Evacuation Systems
  • Remote Monitoring Services
  • Point detection and Aspirating smoke detection systems
  • Thermal and Smoke Detection CCTV Cameras
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Fixed and Portable Fire Extinguishing Systems
  • Automatic Opening Vents
  • Fire Door Maintenance and Installation
  • Fire Stopping and Fire Breaks
  • Fire Risk Assessments

An experienced team

Our team is made up of passionate and experienced individuals who know the right course of action to provide exactly the right protection for you and your premises.


End-to-end support

From initial risk assessment to 24/7 system monitoring, we’ll help you equip your premises with the fire protection systems it needs.


State-of-the-art systems

We deploy the latest fire protection technology that’s available to ensure you have the very best systems available to protect your property.




Manufacturing & Logistics

At Kingdom, we operate with a specialist team of personnel, working closely with some of the biggest organisations in this sector. Fire safety experts will know what technology solutions best suit your facility.

  • Ensures the technology in place is effective and keeps people safe
  • Ensure the system reduces your reliance on manned security services
  • Ensures your team are trained and the technology is reliable

Government & Education

We have experience delivering state-of-the-art fire protection systems for government and educational buildings. Whatever your specific needs, we’ll identify areas of risk and suggest the right course of action to ensure everyone stays safe.

  • Work with an approved fire safety expert who can provide full compliance
  • Install intelligent fire safety systems in your building
  • Be confident that staff and visitors are best protected

National Infrastructure

We aim to support partners and clients working to provide greener technology and infrastructure across the UK. Our fire safety technologies and expertise can help in this sector too.

  • Lighten the reliance on manned initiatives by using technology to support
  • Be confident certified professionals install your fire safety technology
  • Know unmanaged fire risks won’t impact your wider goals

Property & Facilities Management

Our fire safety experts work with facilities and property management companies to ensure properties under their management are suitably protected.

  • Be confident your property is fully compliant
  • Rest assured the fire safety technology in place is in full working order
  • Keep your staff, tenants and visitors safe at all times
Retail 2


In the event of a fire, ensure your retail space, staff and customers are fully protected. We have extensive experience working with retailers to ensure their property is correctly equipped to provide safe and efficient evacuation of the premises in the event of a fire.

  • Establish a robust fire safety strategy
  • Install intelligent systems that don't rely on human intervention
  • Providing the very best protection to your customers and your property