Our monitored alarms provide rapid detection, immediately alerting your key-holders and the police to any intrusion

Our specialists will work with you to identify any shortcomings in your existing security arrangements, recommending and installing exactly the right alarm system to protect you and your premises.

  • Alarm systems to complement manned security operations
  • Systems designed to work in tandem with our complete range of security technology, including CCTV and Access Control
  • Our equipment is designed to be aesthetically pleasing so it seamlessly blends into its surroundings


Find the right intruder alarm system

Our experienced team will design and install exactly the right system for you and your property. Including features such as:

  • Audible and Monitored Alarms
  • Wired and Wireless Alarm Systems
  • Perimeter and Internal Detection Systems
  • Door and Window Detection
  • Passive Infrared and Dual Technology
  • Motion Detection
  • Personal Attack Alarms
  • Safes – Fully Approved, Officially Rated and certificated for fire and security protection

Expert installations

Once we’ve identified the right system to suit your needs, we’ll carry out a fast and effective intruder alarm installation from our range of wired and wireless systems.


24/7 remote monitoring

You can rest easy knowing that if one of your intruder alarm systems triggers, our alarm monitoring centre will quickly inform the right people.


Specialist advice

We’ve been providing expert security advice for many years, identifying security risks and finding solutions that keep you safe and intruders out.


Alarm systems to suit your business


Manufacturing & Logistics

At Kingdom, we operate with a specialist team of personnel, working closely with some of the largest organisations in this sector. Don't let intruders derail your delivery plans.

  • Back-up manned security and  CCTV, with intelligent intruder alarms
  • Perimeter and internal detection systems
  • Complete peace of mind knowing that all of our systems are designed to be false alarm free

Government & Education

Our Government customers need to ensure that their sensitive information and property is fully secured.

  • Years of experience tendering and working within the public sector
  • Transparent and competitive pricing policy
  • Providing the latest technology-based solutions

National Infrastructure

Our intruder alarm systems protect people, plant and property at major sites across the UK.

  • This helps keep longer-term goals and aims on track because security is taken care of
  • All of our systems are designed as part of a zero false alarms policy
  • Intuitive, reliable and simple for you and your staff to use

Property & Facilities Management

Kingdom intruder alarm systems protect managed properties throughout the UK, for both large and small customers.

  • Automated, timed setting and unsetting available
  • Systems can be set and unset by your access control system
  • Fob and code setting available
Retail 2


Retailers have to know their inventory's safe and secure. At Kingdom, we want to help you guarantee that it is.

  • Highly experienced in providing protection to retail environments and training on-site management teams
  • Perimeter and internal intruder alarm systems working in tandem with your CCTV, Access control and manned security services
  • Simple, effective, reliable and individually designed for your particular environment