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Never stop learning as life never stops teaching

Skill Centre is an independent training provider responsible for managing and delivering the standards and qualifications required to deliver Kingdom’s quality services.
Apprenticeship training is available across the UK for both Kingdom colleagues and those in our supply chain. Skill Centre is an accredited training provider with sector qualified and dedicated staff members who support and mentor learners along the way. 
Investing in training for your teams helps boost their motivation, productivity and performance. Their passion for a role is enhanced by knowledge and the confidence to deliver.

Accredited Provider

Listed on the Register of Training Organisations (ROTO) and Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP).


Variety of Training

We offer training in a wide range of sectors.


Motivated Teams

Training boosts both confidence and motivation within your teams.


An independent and dedicated training team

Our training can be accessed by both our customers and other organisations in their supply chain. The following sectors continue to benefit from our quality training.


Manufacturing & Logistics

At Kingdom we operate with a specialist team of personnel, working closely with some of the biggest organisations in this sector. Local contract managers help create and deliver bespoke solutions, including sourcing temporary staff.

Retail 2


Retail poses a specific set of challenges and requires a specialist team to tackle this. At Kingdom we offer exactly that. A team trained to combat crime and reduce loss


National Infrastructure

We aim to support partners and clients who are working to provide greener technology and infrastructure across the UK. Our security services help to protect people, plant and property.



Our Government customers receive high quality and cost effective services that cater to all their needs; from tackling anti-social behaviour to on-site cleaning services.


Property Management & Agents

Our onsite property teams are trained to take a proactive approach to security challenges posed. Risks such as theft, vandalism and workplace violence are always handled with professionalism.

You are only as good as the last thing you learnt.

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