As secure as you need it to be

Do you need multi-layered access control that uses facial recognition or biometrics?

Or is a more conventional proximity-based system more suitable for your needs?

We can also provide the latest audio and video door entry systems from single point door control to systems controlling a complete residential complex.

We also offer a full range of internal and external security barriers and turnstiles, rising bollards and vehicle blockers.

Whether it’s aesthetics or durability you need to prioritise, you can be sure we will have the perfect solution to suit your needs.

For our schools and residential customers, we have a wide range of bespoke automated gates available, fabricated in steel or timber and available in a variety of custom finishes.



Find the right access control technology

Our security experts have extensive knowledge of access control systems and will advise you on the most suitable and cost-effective solution to protect your premises. Where higher levels of security are required, combining conventional and biometric technology can often provide the most effective solution.

Our access control systems include:

  • Proximity Card
  • Biometric
  • Code
  • Standalone and Fully Networked Systems
  • Remote Monitoring and Granting of Access
  • Card Management and Printing Systems
  • Anti-Pass-Back and Fire Rostering
  • Audio and Video Entry Systems
  • Bespoke Gates, Barriers and Turnstiles, including residential and school gates
  • Rising Bollards
  • Traffic Management

Bespoke systems

We know a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t the right way forward for our customers. That’s why our team always gets to know you and understand your requirements before designing your access system.


24/7 remote monitoring

All of our networked access control systems can be locally and remotely monitored, so if security is breached, you and we will both know about it.


Full security networks

From external vehicle blockers and electric gates to coded access doors and biometric readers, we can provide a comprehensive security access network for your premises.




Manufacturing & Logistics

At Kingdom Technology, we operate with a specialist team of personnel, working closely with some of the biggest organisations in your market.

Modern access control technology will help your business to run more securely and safely, with a record of who went where and when.

  • From ANPR to biometric systems, our technology helps make access control more efficient and secure
  • Speeds up the entry and exit process for staff whilst automatically capturing data
  • Maintain full control of vehicular and pedestrian access

Government & Education

Our Government and Education customers receive high quality and cost-effective services that cater to all their specific access control requirements.

  • Works as a quick and efficient way for people to enter and exit buildings
  • Forms part of your wider security strategy enabling you to effectively track movement throughout your site
  • Assists in providing accurate fire and emergency roll call

National Infrastructure

Our sophisticated access control systems protect people, plant and property.

  • Our systems enable you to accurately track staff, vehicles and plant across your entire estate
  • Effective access control is an essential component of your integrated  security strategy
  • Our access control system operate in conjunction with our CCTV and intruder alarm systems to provide a total security solution

Property & Facilities Management

Access control is your building’s first line of defence, enabling you to maintain control of who enters, when they enter and where they go.

  • Allows you to precisely control  perimeter and internal access at all times
  • Reduces the need for site-based  security staff at entrance points
  • Enables you to provide remote access to the premises
Retail 2


Effective access control is a vital component in retail security, enabling close control over stock rooms and effective segregation of customers and staff areas.

  • Improve safety and security by controlling access to plant and stock rooms
  • Provide remote access to delivery vehicles
  • Reduce the need for on-site security staff by allowing authorised staff to directly access secure areas areas