For many businesses, the threat of crime is a constant worry. A report by the National Business Crime Centre, which assimilates data from UK police forces, detailed over 600,000 crimes against businesses in a single year, with theft, burglary, and vandalism rife. More often than not, the perpetrators were not apprehended, leaving the victims and their insurance companies to foot the bill.


Hiring a security service organisation to protect your premises reduces the likelihood of your organisation being targeted by opportunistic thieves and vandals. The consequences of choosing the wrong provider can be serious, so it’s vital that you consider these qualities when making your decision:

1) Bespoke Security Solutions

A company that offers bespoke security solutions will ensure that your business’s unique requirements are met and that you achieve value for money. A tailored approach built around professional security personnel, the latest technology, robust monitoring systems, and expert consultancy, will ensure that every vulnerability is addressed, making it more difficult for criminals to target your business.

 2) SIA-Licenced

Most people have heard horror stories about unreliable security companies offering poor-quality services or even contributing to criminal behaviour. You can minimise the chance of making a wrong choice by selecting a provider who is licenced by the Security Industry Authority (SIA), the organisation that regulates the security industry in the UK and establishes the minimum service standards to which members must adhere. Choosing an SIA-licenced business also gives you redress in the unlikely event that service quality falls short or if a member of the public accuses a security officer under contract to your business of misconduct.

3) Accreditations

Accreditations and memberships can also offer confidence that your chosen security company will deliver high standards of service. There are many accreditations associated with the security industry – BS ISO9001, BSIA, and The Security Institute, for example - which offer evidence that the provider complies with and exceeds the expected service standards.

 4) Rigorous Internal Training

Security personnel should receive ongoing training in a range of areas, including conflict management and de-escalation, as well as customer service, stress management, and first aid. A professional security company will invest in the professional development of its employees, so look for the Investors in People award and enquire about the training process so you can ascertain whether the security personnel will be able to deliver the service that you require.

5) Responsiveness

Finally, you’ll need a security company that responds quickly to your business’s needs. There is little point hiring a firm who is slow to react to your requests, leaving vulnerabilities exposed that criminals could exploit to take advantage of your business.

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