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For businesses of all types and sizes, crime is a persistent problem, with so-called traditional crimes, such as robbery and criminal damage, costing small businesses approximately £17bn a year.

Criminals often target businesses that they perceive to be a ‘soft option’. Without a robust security solution, your enterprise is vulnerable to vandalism, burglary, and theft. A criminal attack on your business damages profits, suppresses productivity, and imposes a loss of confidence and trust on employees at every level.


Kingdom Security Solutions: Explained

Effective deterrents require bespoke security solutions that are tailored to the size, structure, and priorities of your business. While you could source different security solutions from different providers, these may not interact smoothly to provide a comprehensive safety net that both deters criminals and ensures a fast response should the unthinkable occur.

At Kingdom Security, we provide professional multi-security services in several core areas for maximum protection against rogue elements of society:

Security Personnel

Foot patrols provide a visible presence on your site that deters criminals and offers reassurance to your staff, customers, and visitors. Security Personnel can also act as the welcoming face of your company, supporting visitors unsure where to go on arrival, and assisting with stewarding and crowd control where necessary.

Mobile Security

Sometimes, security needn’t be static and it’s important that your business is protected outside of normal opening hours. Remote sites, too, need to be safeguarded as these may be more vulnerable, so our mobile security teams can provide a range of services, including keyholding for out-of-hours emergencies to drive-by patrols.

Security Technology

At Kingdom, we provide innovative technologies to protect your business against a variety of threats, including fire alarms systems, CCTV, intruder alarms, and access control. Knowing that your assets, employees, and customers are thoroughly safeguarded will give you the reassurance needed to focus on your core operations.

Security Systems

Our market-leading temporary CCTV solutions deliver consistent, reliable monitoring of business premises (in construction sites as well as business premises in relation to temporary CCTV), ensuring that vulnerable areas do not become a point of easy access for criminals. Advanced analytics support the early identification of suspects, while high-definition images are a vital tool in the fight against crime, providing essential evidence to support prosecutions should a crime occur. 

Security Consulting And Risk Management

The most effective security solutions are based on a measured assessment of the risks and vulnerabilities to which your business is exposed. By investing the time to assess your business’s needs, we can provide bespoke solutions that offer optimum protection and cost-efficiency. Our specialist security and asset protection services include:

 - Information security
 - Cyber resilience
 - Loss Prevention
 - Sensitive investigation

Why Choose Kingdom Security?

 - 25+ years’ experience
 - Winner of multiple awards and industry accreditations
 - 1st Class SIA contractor
 - Over 2750 locations secured against the threat of crime

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