Over the next 12 months many companies will be experiencing higher costs that will affect their staff and the products and services that they provide. It may also impact of any plans for your company to grow as a business.

Kingdom Security, part of the Kingdom Services Group, are a holistic supplier of security consultancy, technology and personnel that allows us to deliver bespoke solutions to match your needs.


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As an introduction to Kingdom Security we’d like to offer you a free initial security assessment.

By undertaking the assessment, you will be able to:

- Save money
- Utilise your current budget more effectively
- Introduce an innovative, integrated solution of skilled personnel and market leading technology.

One of our subject matter experts will contact you directly to discuss your current security set up. They will offer you advice, guidance and potential solutions to any concerns that you may have. Working together we can create and manage your security needs, support your requirements and meet your expectations.

Free Security Assessment
The business of security is evolving daily, and one of the keys to success is the ability to anticipating and manage the latest security threats – Know your enemy.

Know your enemy

Anyone who has read or heard a quote for Sun Tzu’s book ‘The Art of War’, will appreciate that, although written over 2,500 years ago, it still has relevance to the threats and hostilities which we experience in today’s society: some familiar, some too familiar and some evolving as we speak.

The quote itself is quite a simple approach to a very complex problem, understanding a threat can allow you to anticipate what the next steps will be to prevent it, or how you can limit the impact on your business or your life.

In the world of security management, there are what is known as the ‘Big 5’ strategic security threats; Terrorism, Espionage, Sabotage, Subversion and Criminality. All familiar terms from the news, or the plot from the latest Netflix drama, but over the last 20 years, each threat can be prefixed with the word ‘Cyber’ and that’s a different game all together. Every minute of every day, Companies, Corporations and Governments are subject to a persistent and evolving attack from bad actors who are determined to breach your personnel, physical and cyber security defences and reap the rewards that company has fought hard to win. Whether it be for financial gain, the prestige, or just to amuse, the disruption can cause severe damage to brand, revenue and reputation.

As well as the ‘Big 5’, organisations must also consider ‘Operational Security Threats’, which are essentially the day-to-day incidents organisations have to deal with such as Theft, Fraud, Corruption, Counterfeiting, Burglary, Adulteration and Criminal Damage. These are the types of security threats more familiar to many of us, and ones that have a deep personal impact of anyone who is the victim of one of these incidents. More recently, we have seen the emergence of a new Security Threat Group – Urban Explorers and Public Auditors, who enjoy posting videos of their exploits online but at the same time revealing chinks in a corporate security armour to bad actors and the criminal fraternity.

It would be fair to say that there’s a real arms race between the companies and the criminals, not dissimilar to the stance of two opposing armies. The lines are drawn, the war chests are being accumulated to finance the battle, but in many ways, crime has the money to pay. Your ordinary company will have limited resources and so will have to focus on putting the right resources in place and manage threats effectively and avoiding a major breach of security.

Returning for a moment to the theme, ‘Know Your Enemy’; trying to anticipate, almost predict their next move is a positive step which, aligned with the understanding that if there is an incident, how quickly can we recover, and return to business as usual. Some organisations have adapted this point of view, and ask the questions: is prevention too big an issue, is damage limitation a better policy, is recovery a better response to have?

The ability to bounce back from a security incident, traditional or digital, illustrates that a company has strength and resilience in how it runs its business, and understands that the enemy will evolve as each breach is repelled, or as Sun Tzu might say “He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.”

At Kingdom we have a strong lineage in providing industry leading security solutions to our customers, tailor made to the demands of the market, security threat exposures and the risk & budget appetite of our customers.

If you have any further questions, please contact us today and make sure that you don’t miss out and make an appointment for your free initial security assessment today.

Free Security Assessment