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Security foot patrols are carried out by highly trained and experienced personnel who patrol designated areas on foot to ensure the safety and security of a location. A visible uniformed presence, they act as a strong criminal deterrent by monitoring suspicious behaviour and ensure the safety of employees, visitors, or customers by identifying potential hazards and responding swiftly to incidents or emergencies.

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While an effective foot patrol will have an excellent knowledge of human behaviour, de-escalation techniques, and the law, they will also need to know the site that they are monitoring like the back of their hand. In this article, we’ll explain why an understanding of the building is critical.

So, why is it necessary that a security guard on foot patrol has an excellent understanding of the layout of the site?

1. A Rapid Response

When a problem occurs, it’s likely that the security guard may not be in the exact location at the right time. But serious incidents require a prompt response: for example, in a large retail centre a shoplifter may be observed by a retail assistant who is unable to apprehend the suspect alone and requires urgent assistance. In these situations, the security guard must know instantly where the incident is and reach it in the fastest route as possible to avoid precious time being lost.

2. Targeting Vulnerabilities

Security personnel should know which areas in a building or on a site are vulnerable to criminal activity. For instance, isolated outbuildings or concealed entrances may offer an easier way for criminals to access property and steal valuable assets. Knowing the places that are at-risk enables security patrols to plan their walking routes appropriately, for example to assess vulnerabilities more frequently.

3. Spotting Inconsistencies

If a criminal intends to target a business, they may carry out preparation during the daytime when they can pose as legitimate customers to avoid arousing suspicion. A security officer with a keen eye for detail and an excellent knowledge of the site will spot if anything has been tampered with, such as CCTV cameras that have been moved or perimeter fences that have been cut. By identifying potential weaknesses in the security net, remedial action can be taken to mitigate the risk and safeguard the property.

4. Identifying Threats And Disturbances

Security issues assume many forms. A jammed door, faulty emergency lighting, or flooding pose a variety of threats to staff and customers, but it can take a proactive and skilled security patrol to spot the signs that something is wrong. Foot patrol security has a wide scope, so guards are trained to identify emerging threats and respond to a variety of dangers in a quick and measured way.

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