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The front of house team is one of the most important elements of your building’s security arrangements. As the first point of contact for anyone entering your building, these highly trained professionals play a vital role in securing the premises and ensuring the safety of staff, visitors, and customers. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of front of house security and the benefits it offers your business.

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What Is A Front Of House Security Officer?

Front of house security personnel are positioned at the main entrance of a building to control access to the site, maintain order, and provide a visible security presence. These security officers play a vital role in keeping your reception area manned, safe, and secure. While their main responsibility is to ensure the safety and security of your building, they can also undertake other important tasks, such as providing advice and directions to customers or receiving deliveries.

So, how can front of house security staff benefit your business?

Mitigating Security Threats

Front of house security staff are responsible for detecting and neutralising potential threats to your building. Trained to recognise suspicious behaviour and identify potential troublemakers, front of house staff act as the first line of defence against security breaches. Their presence alone can deter criminals who will know that their actions will be spotted and quickly dealt with.

Discreet Security Measures

While front of house staff can undertake prominent security responsibilities, such as bag checks, as visitors arrive, they can also adopt a more discreet approach to their duties. For example, plain-clothed staff can mingle with guests or customers waiting to enter the premises, thereby identifying potential security threats without drawing attention to themselves. Alternatively, uniformed officers can maintain a visible, reassuring presence, balancing security and discretion to ensure that visitors feel welcome while still maintaining a safe environment.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Investing in front of house security can have a positive impact on your business’s insurance premiums. Insurance providers often consider the level of security measures when determining the premium costs. By having a professional front of house security team in place, you will demonstrate a commitment to safety which can result in lower insurance premiums. This allows you to allocate resources to other areas of your business, enhancing overall efficiency and profitability.

Peace Of Mind

A safe and secure environment is essential for the wellbeing and productivity of your customers and staff. Knowing that an experienced front of house security team is present offers reassurance that active measures are taken to identify and mitigate risks and, should an incident occur, it will be dealt with quickly and methodically. This promotes a positive working environment for staff and enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Welcoming Atmosphere

Front of house security staff also play a key role in maintaining the reputation of your business and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for customers. As the first point of contact, they may be asked for assistance or information, for example to provide directions. It’s vital that your front of house team adopt a professional and friendly demeanour so that customers feel valued, thereby reinforcing your brand’s commitment to delivering excellence.

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At Kingdom Security, our front of house staff are highly experienced and trained professionals who will help to keep your premises secure while providing a warm welcome to visitors and customers. To find out more, please call Kingdom Security today on 0330 022 9422 or send our team a message.

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