CCTV offers a wide variety of benefits, helping organisations achieve greater health and safety, reduce unexpected costs and enhanced project management, to name a few. Yet, CCTV has two distinct perks: the ability to deter and detect intrusion. Although surveillance cameras are commonly thought of as a way to catch criminals on camera, they’re also effective in stopping offenders in their tracks as they work to deter wrongdoing before it even happens.

For this reason, CCTV is integral to a robust security system. However, installing CCTV on many sites can be difficult, especially when projects are in their infancy and electricity is yet to be installed. Fortunately, solar power CCTV cameras offer a solution that enables you to have a security presence, even before mains power is available. As a result, solar-powered CCTV is beneficial for construction sites at any point in their lifecycle.

Solar power CCTV retains all of the benefits of traditional surveillance cameras, with plenty more to boot.


Here are the benefits and features of solar power CCTV cameras — and why you should look to them as your newest site additions. We also discuss which type of solar power CCTV offers the most comprehensive solution for your company, proving not all of these CCTV systems are born equal (and their suppliers aren't either). 

What is solar power CCTV?

Solar-powered CCTV uses solar panels to convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity which can be used to power CCTV. 

Even if there's a lack of sunlight, solar power CCTV can still function properly. It receives power from rechargeable batteries that store extra electrical power generated by the solar panel.

Solar power CCTV is ideal for challenging environments such as construction sites. What's more, it can monitor sites with any level of connectivity and in any weather condition. 

Benefits and features of solar power CCTV

No matter the model, all solar power CCTV offers: 

  • A solution with less external wiring than traditional CCTV
  • A system that requires little outside support from electricians and other staff
  • Weather-resistant surveillance for reliable security at any time of year
  • Rechargeable power to rely on at times when there’s less sunlight

All of these features make solar power CCTV an attractive prospect for companies that crave streamlined, stress-free surveillance that offers the perks of sustainability and enhanced security in one simple solution. Solar power CCTV is often more cost-effective, more reliable and easier to install. 

The best solar power CCTV cameras

The most up-to-date systems, such as our Solar AI CCTV tower, use artificial intelligence (AI) and other integrations to go above and beyond the more basic solar-powered products. Systems like this one make use of the latest technology to give as much visibility as possible. 

Depending on the type of solar CCTV you buy, these innovative surveillance systems often boast features and benefits other than the obvious ability to be powered by the sun. 

For example, our model includes: 

    • 360-degree detection area to cover even the largest sites with multiple entry points
    • Human and vehicle detection to spot any unauthorised personnel on-site using in-built AI
    • Automatically activated warning lights that signal as soon as an intrusion occurs
    • Pre-recorded audio to remind staff of health and safety guidelines and other important messages
    • Anti-tamper detection system to stop internal theft and create a system that can’t be manipulated 
    • Remote access facility to give off-site staff access to the surveillance feed, no matter where they are 

As you can imagine, with these features come even more benefits.

Warning lights yield quicker response times. 360-degree detection gives enhanced visibility and proves more cost-effective than employing several surveillance cameras. Anti-tamper detection systems offer a more effective security solution that protects against external and internal theft. A remote access facility and pre-recorded audio give wider team benefits, helping health and safety and companies’ level of control over their security systems.

Yet, it isn't enough to choose the top-of-the-line solar powered surveillance system.

Alongside choosing the right technology to meet your needs, it’s also important to work with the right supplier. This ensures a site’s overall security and gives you peace of mind that you can access the level of support you need — even when installation is all done and dusted. 

Take a look at our checklist below to make sure you have all areas covered.

How to select the right security supplier

Checking for accreditations and maintenance services are just some of the things you need to look for before partnering with a security supplier. Our guide covers everything you need to ask before committing to a contract, including why you need a site audit. To get started, click the banner below.