Despite a government initiative to make it harder for thieves to sell stolen metals, break-ins and thefts of metal and machinery are still occurring across construction sites. In fact, £800 million worth of construction site materials are stolen every year.

Kingdom Systems installing CCTV on construction site

This is why it’s vital you take site security seriously and put a reliable, high-quality CCTV system in place. Not only will construction site CCTV deter crime from being committed but it also delivers a variety of other benefits. Here are five reasons why your construction site security needs to deploy CCTV.

  1. Deterring Crime
  2. Monitoring On-Site Activity
  3. Health and Safety
  4. Project Construction Progress
  5. Collecting Evidence 

1. Deterring Crime

Maintaining security at a site is one of the most important parts of construction projects. CCTV is vital in determining any inconsistencies or illegal activities that may happen on site. With access to recorded footage, a reliable perspective can be used to settle security complications in criminal cases. 

This is why well-placed CCTV surveillance cameras help deter crime. Although criminals are naturally risk-takers, a functioning, highly visible CCTV system will deter criminals, reducing the risk of them breaking in. It also means it's less likely they'll cause any damage to your site or attempt to steal tools, machinery or metal.

However, an unmanned CCTV system isn't the magic cure. Although it would reduce the risk of a crime being committed, break-ins and thefts do still occur. So, it's beneficial to have a system that’s monitored 24/7 by a security team. Plus, there’s also the option to integrate an audio system with cameras, allowing security teams to issue warnings to further deter potential criminals.

Implementing an Advanced Artificial Intelligence CCTV system takes this a step further. Instead of a security team watching footage and sounding the alarm at the sight of an intruder, the system is designed to alert the site owner and intruder that an area is being monitored as soon as the intrusion takes place. 

2. Monitoring On-site Activity

Another important benefit of installing construction site CCTV is it enables site managers to have a better view of their employees’ actions throughout the day. Construction sites have a lot of activity, which can make it difficult for managers who are accountable to keep track of everything that goes on.

Without a security system in place, managers have to rely on reports from their team. Alternatively, you may have to spend hours going around your site to determine your employees’ activities. Both methods are highly unreliable and can take up a lot of your time. But with CCTV cameras in place, managing the construction site becomes a less exhaustive task.

For example, rather than relying on employee reports or walking around your site, you can save time by watching recorded or live footage. Not only that, but through the use of an app, you can also access your site and communicate with staff through the CCTV speakers.

3. Health and Safety

All construction sites should adhere to health and safety laws and guidelines, but even so, accidents can still happen. When accidents occur, you need to create the relevant reports. CCTV provides clear images you can then use to understand exactly what happened and what action you need to take - if any.

This also helps in cases of non-compliance if any accidents result in legal action. By deploying CCTV on your construction site, you can also use the footage to further make improvements to your health and safety policies.

Not only that, but through pre-recorded audio, health and safety audio announcements can be programmed to go off periodically throughout the day as a reminder to your team.

4. Project Construction Progress

Another benefit for site managers like you is it provides you with a better way to view the progress of the entire construction site. Along with devices - such as drones - you can use CCTV footage to determine whether you need more resources to complete a project.

Although you may still have to visit the site for a complete observation, CCTV cameras are still useful as they deliver footage showing how events at the site have been developing. Timelapse cameras can also be used to track the progress of the construction.

5. Collect Evidence

Criminals determined to steal metals or machinery from construction sites can ignore even the most robust deterrents, making you powerless to stop them. However, a visible CCTV system is still useful as long as it creates a high-quality image. Before purchasing the first CCTV system you find online, make sure to do thorough research so you invest in CCTV that can offer this benefit. This provides the means to catch criminals if a theft occurs. 

An efficient security system that includes CCTV will help determine where the break-in has occurred. Using the footage, you can ensure the police have what they need to apprehend the criminal and bring the individual to justice. 

Plus, monitoring can also be achieved through remote monitoring, as long as there’s an internet connection. Remote monitoring CCTV sends images from CCTV cameras to an external monitoring station. These stations are designed to quickly respond to any suspicious activity to protect against intrusion, theft and property damage. 

Acquiring a new CCTV system can be costly. However, there are a few options available to make it more affordable, such as renting. A renting option enables you to spread the cost across many months, making it easier and more affordable. It also means you're locked into one system for good, until the next time where you have to invest again. This way, the costs can add up.

Before deciding which supplier to choose to implement your CCTV system, there are a variety of things you should consider. To help make your decision easier, we've created a handy checklist you can work through to ensure you choose the right CCTV supplier who will find a solution based on your needs.

Improve Your Site's Security By Choosing the Right CCTV Supplier

Security is vital to protecting construction sites like yours from break-ins and theft. To ensure your site stays secure, it’s important to choose the right supplier. From accreditations to case studies, we’ve covered everything you need to know in our checklist.

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