Construction sites are an easy target for criminals, and it’s a problem that’s worsening as the price of raw materials, such as metal, continues to soar. In the UK, over £800 million of building materials are stolen from construction sites every year, with one-fifth of sites experiencing theft every week. In addition to the cost of replacing expensive equipment and materials, construction companies are financially impacted by the loss of productivity and increasing insurance premiums because of theft or criminal damage.Contact Us Here

In this article, we’ll discuss how construction site CCTV systems can help to protect your valuable assets.

Why Are Construction Sites Vulnerable To Crime?

Building sites are inherently vulnerable to crime for several reasons:

  • Expensive equipment: Construction sites contain valuable materials and equipment, making them an attractive target for thieves who seek to gain financially by stealing assets. 
  • Open unsupervised access: Many construction sites are easy to access, even when fenced off, and are unmanned during evenings and weekends when building work isn’t in operation. Under the cover of darkness, it’s not difficult for determined criminals to gain access.
  • Dangerous materials: On many sites, potentially dangerous materials may be stored, such as flammable liquids, which can attract vandals who cause damage and start fires.

How Can Construction CCTV Systems Improve Site Security?

Construction site CCTV security systems are often incorrectly perceived to be complex and time-consuming to install. Also, construction site managers may wonder about the cost-efficiency of installing cameras on a site that is only occupied for a limited period.

At Kingdom, our temporary CCTV cameras are a cost-effective and reliable solution suited for construction sites of all sizes. As they can be quickly deployed in any location, you don’t need to invest in expensive infrastructure to provide power.

By integrating CCTV as part of your site security, you will benefit from:

  • An effective deterrent. Operating 24 hours a day, including in darkness, our cameras will deter criminals from targeting your site, as they will capture all instances of antisocial or illegal behaviour, including vandalism, theft, and fly tipping.
  • Real-time awareness. If an incident occurs, security staff will be alerted so that immediate action can be taken to apprehend the suspects and request support from the police.
  • Irrefutable evidence. If a security guard cannot reach the site in time, or if criminal proceedings are to be taken against perpetrators of construction site crime, CCTV will provide police with vital evidence to build a strong case.
  • Redeployment of resources: With less money invested in active site security, resources can be directed to other key areas. CCTV provides a healthy return on investment as it deters criminals and enables a rapid response should the worst-case scenario occur.

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