One of the best ways to deter and detect criminal behaviour on a construction site is through installing CCTV. However, this can be difficult, as traditional CCTV systems can be hard to place securely on new sites. They also require wires and need access to power 24/7. You need a solution that saves costs without compromising security. That's where solar power CCTV comes in.

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In recent years, solar power CCTV has become a better alternative to regular CCTV options as it offers a variety of benefits, including cost and flexibility. This blog covers what solar power CCTV is, the benefits it offers, its features and why it's the perfect solution for construction sites like yours.

What is solar power CCTV?

A solar-powered security camera uses solar panels to convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity. Then, an inverter transitions the direct current to an alternating current (AC) which can be used to power the CCTV. A lack of sunlight isn't an issue either. When there isn't sunlight, the solar power CCTV receives power from rechargeable batteries which store extra electrical power generated by the solar panel.

Solar power CCTV isn’t just perfect for geographically challenging environments. Because it can be used to monitor off-grid places and remote areas, it is the ideal solution for construction sites of all sizes and locations, where running cables can be expensive or aren’t always possible.

As the CCTV uses the solar panel to get power, it requires no electric sources or cabling. This means you get the best of natural resources to charge and run the solar power CCTV system. 

What features does a solar power CCTV have?

Features of solar power CCTV vary depending on the supplier. For example, some can offer features such as automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) while others may not. However, solar power CCTV typically has the following features: 

  • Fully solar-powered 24/7-365
  • 360-degree detection area
  • Multidirectional audio capability
  • High gain 4G antenna
  • Robust steel structure and anti-vandal casing
  • Two-way audio facility
  • Warning lights if an intrusion occurs
  • Remote access facility
  • 24/7 recordings of storage
  • Anti-tamper detection system

What are the benefits of solar power CCTV?

Solar-powered CCTV cameras are an efficient, cost-effective solution to securing remote sites. Here are the benefits of solar power CCTV:

  • It’s self-contained as it has its own solar panels to generate energy and its own batteries to store it.
  • Features long-life batteries that can power the system for days without being recharged.
  • The tower can be placed in a variety of places as long as it’s on level ground.
  • The tower is weatherproof and can withstand most climates.
  • Robust steel structure.

Why is a solar power CCTV tower ideal for construction sites?

1. Wireless

One of the biggest struggles when installing a CCTV system is the wiring. Cables are impractical for quick and easy installations and are also vulnerable to tampering and wear and tear. As solar power is incorporated directly into the CCTV, the wiring issue is eliminated. Throughout the day, the camera’s battery will charge, making it flexible to install. Plus, there’s no need to worry about wires being tampered with.

2. Affordable

A traditional CCTV system needs electricity all day to be constantly active, incurring more costs the longer it stays on. However, a solar panel CCTV camera is entirely powered by sunlight, meaning it’s one less expenditure to worry about.

In the long run, a solar-powered system will save you money.

3. Environmentally friendly

Solar panels are created by placing the silicon wafers between sheets of plastic, so they do have an impact on the environment. However, by using a solar panelled CCTV system, the cost to the environment can be offset. Instead of using energy from the grid, solar panels convert sunlight. Not only is this good for your wallet but it’s also better for the environment as fewer fossil fuels will be used. 

As you can see, solar power CCTV is a no-brainer for construction sites. But as a site manager, there's more to consider than which type of CCTV to install. Even if you're set on adopting a solar-powered system for your development, you'll still need to give some thought to which supplier you should use. 

Pick the Right Security Supplier, Every Time

Picking an unreliable security supplier can be damaging as it can waste both time and money in the process. 

So, take five minutes to sense-check your supplier shortlist using our checklist. This resource will give you the green light for suppliers you can trust and make sure your switch to solar CCTV is as simple as it should be. 

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