If you’re looking for a CCTV system that can be set up quickly to deal with the potential risk of theft, vandalism or anti-social behaviour, a rapid deployment CCTV tower could be the perfect solution.


Specifically designed to provide all-in-one security for construction sites and other infrastructure projects, rapid deployment towers can be installed and operational in a matter of minutes. However, before you look to invest in a rapid deployment tower, there are certain aspects and features to look out for to ensure it’ll do the best job at securing your site. Some of these include:


Access to live or recorded footage

Like any CCTV installation system, having easy access to live or recorded high-quality footage is essential. This will allow you to always have a complete overview of your site’s operation, regardless of where you are.

Any footage captured by the rapid deployment tower should be high quality too. If an incident happens where you need to provide evidence or prove the facts, inferior images will make this challenging to do.

Rapid deployment towers offer more than just security; they have a role to play when it comes to health and safety too. For example, if an incident happens where a staff member gets hurt on your site, you can watch everything back and update your policies to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Two-way audio that allows you to speak to your staff

Communication is key in any operation. The right rapid deployment CCTV tower should be fitted with an audio system that allows you to make announcements and communicate with your staff at all times. 

The audio system should provide two-way communication. This means staff can respond to your announcements and use the rapid deployment tower to communicate should they need to.

As well as being a quick and easy way to speak to your staff (regardless of where you are), an audio system can also work as a deterrent. For example, if an intruder is detected on your site, you can quickly announce to warn them off and let them know that the police have been contacted.

24/7 proactive protection and monitoring 

There will be occasions when no one is at your site and this is when it’s most likely that a theft or trespassing incident is most likely to occur.

This makes it an absolute must that the rapid deployment tower can provide 24/7 protection and monitoring. The rapid deployment CCTV tower should connect to your phone or tablet via an app, meaning you and your staff can be alerted when an incident is detected and you’re away from your site.


Incidents will be detected by incorporating AI into the installation. The right deployment tower will learn the normal patterns of activity on your site to help identify anything unusual.

An early fire detection system 

Fires on construction sites aren’t uncommon. Whether it’s caused by vandals or natural causes, this is something you obviously want to avoid happening on your site.

A rapid deployment tower should be fitted with a fire detection system that uses thermal technology. This means any risks of a fire spreading on your site can be picked up and prevented before it gets out of control.

The right rapid deployment tower should also offer a time-lapse feature. This will allow you to look at the fire incident happening and use it as evidence, should you need to.

High visibility to act as a deterrent  

Rapid deployment CCTV towers should be imposing in stature (around five to six metres tall). This allows them to work as a robust visible deterrent on top of the other security features mentioned above. 

Their high visibility also means they can capture footage from every angle of your site. Analytics should be at the heart of the tower, providing 360° coverage and a detection area spanning your entire operation. 

As well as being a cheaper alternative to manned-guarding, rapid deployment towers run off their own battery. As a result, they can be deployed on any site, regardless of the location or power situation.

However, to get the most out of a rapid deployment tower and make sure your site is always secure, you need to work with the right provider - one that specialises in security solutions.

Your site needs the most advanced temporary site CCTV service available.  Fixed deployment towers provide a truly flexible solution, designed and installed in a semi-permanent format, so you need a supplier to help you achieve that.

Finding the right supplier to install your deployment tower is crucial. Take a look at our checklist below to make sure you're covered and select the right partner to work with.

Select the right security supplier

From accreditations to maintenance, there’s a lot that you need to consider before partnering with a security supplier. In our latest guide, we cover everything you need to ask before committing to a contract, including why you need a site audit and what to look for in a supplier.

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