Highly Experienced

What makes us different?

Kingdom L A Support Ltd have both the experience and ability to be to meet all your needs.

We have served Local Authorities for over 12 Years in terms of regulatory and statutory services.

We possess the most up to date technology to enable realtime reporting together with Body Worn Cameras as PPE and Evidence collection.

We are part of the family of Kingdom Services Group Limited delivering multi faceted services to private and public sector and are able consequently to meet your demands for trained and experienced staff at extremely short notice.


Reactive Response

How we can help?

Our Teams have support local authorities by:   

  • Visiting businesses to advise them of the most current requirements under Temporary legislation and Government Advice including modifying their  Risk Assessments due to the pandemic.
  • We can provide SIA licensed and DBS Vetted staff to Vaccination  centres to protect staff and the community.
  • We Can provide SIA licensed and DBS vetted staff to visit and patrol Schools to provide reassurance and protection to NHS staff and those involved in the vaccination process from ‘Anti Vaccers’
  • Self Isolation home address door checks to ensure compliance from those who have provided positive COVID19 results should the track and trace system be unable to make contract.
  • We have staff trained to help marshal the entry and exit of your Waste and Recycling Centres should restrictions return. 
  • We can provide staff to carry out high visible presence  within  your community to offer help, assistance and reassurance.
  • We provide welcome back Marshals to your Town and City centres to help tackle Anti Social Behaviour which may negatively affect your visitors shopping experience.

Tailored Training

Sector specific training ensures our team members know how to handle challenging and complex situations in this unpredictable industry.


A Holistic service

We work together to deliver an enforcement strategy that works for you, thereby ensuring your Community are protected.


A Proactive Approach

Our staff take a no nonsense and proactive approach, executed with professionalism.

L A Support have provided an excellent service in normal times, and have really stepped up and gone above and beyond during this pandemic to keep people safe. These officers face constant abuse daily for the nature of their role, but remain calm and professional and the Officers in Harrow have been a credit to all.

London Borough of Harrow

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