Using a professional commercial cleaning service can reduce incidences of sickness in the workplace by removing pathogens, minimise the risk of accidents arising from trips and slippages, safeguard computer and production equipment, and maintain a well ordered and productive working environment. In this article, we will outline the five most important questions to ask a commercial cleaning company before you commission their services.


What Do You Specialise In?

There are significant differences between domestic and commercial cleaning, so it’s important that your chosen cleaning company isn’t overstretching its capabilities by taking on too demanding a job. The methods for cleaning a commercial space are different from those required for residential properties, so make sure that the company has experience of cleaning buildings like yours and possesses the resources and materials to deliver a high-quality service.

How Flexible Is Your Cleaning Service?

Most commercial spaces are cleaned outside normal opening hours, as this is the best way to protect productivity and ensure that your team can get on with their work uninterrupted. Ideally, your chosen cleaning company should work around your schedule, which may involve early morning, late evening, or weekend cleans. However, should an emergency occur during working hours, you need to know whether staff can be provided immediately to remedy the problem, so your team doesn’t have to divert from their normal duties.

Do You Possess The Relevant Insurance?

Accidents will happen, no matter what preventative measures are put in place to reduce the risk, so it’s essential that the commercial cleaning services company has appropriate insurance. This is to protect, not only the cleaning staff should an accident happen, but also your assets and your business, to avoid a claim being made against you.

How Environmentally Friendly Is Your Service?

Businesses are becoming increasingly conscious about the need to protect the environment by implementing sustainable practices in all aspects of their operations. Your customers may be enticed by the promise of environmentally friendly practices, so choosing a responsible cleaning company can help to showcase your company’s commitment. Enquire whether the cleaning company uses sustainable products that are free from pollutants and how waste is disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

Do You Provide The Cleaning Agents And Equipment?

Ideally, the cleaning contractor should provide all the cleaning materials needed to ensure your commercial building is left in sparkling condition after each clean. Not only will this be more cost-effective and convenient for you, but it will also ensure that the most suitable and best quality products are used to thoroughly complete the clean.

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