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All offices should be regularly cleaned to create a pleasant and healthy environment for your staff - but it’s important that you don’t expect your own team to undertake the work as this will not make effective use of their time and talent and will, inevitably, affect your business’s productivity. A commercial cleaning company will do much more than simply empty the bins and polish the windows: they’ll ensure that toilets, kitchens, and high-touch points, such as door handles and computer keyboards, are sanitised to kill lingering germs, so your staff will be less likely to catch office-borne illnesses.GET IN TOUCH

When organising commercial office cleaning services, you’ll naturally want to achieve best value. So, how can you get the most out of the arrangement?

1. Communicate Effectively

Experienced staff from a commercial office cleaning service will likely have established ways of completing their duties, but you may have your own expectations and priorities. Without effective communication, neither you nor the cleaners will necessarily agree about the best approach to keep your office clean. Therefore, open a positive dialogue from the outset so that everyone is clear about what the cleaning regimen entails and, should standards fall short, how procedures can be improved.

2. Lend A Helping Hand

Because cleaners won’t be on-site during office hours, you can achieve best value from the cleaning contract if your staff do their bit to keep the workspace tidy. This doesn’t mean that your team should be disinfecting keyboards, cleaning the toilets, and emptying the bins, as this will divert them from their work – but establishing a workplace policy that requires them to keep their desks tidy, put files away, and reduce clutter will enable the professionals to give the office a thorough clean without items or documents being misplaced or damaged.

3. Arrange A Convenient Cleaning Time

Workplace productivity drives profitable business, so the presence of cleaning staff during office hours will only hinder your operations and provide an unnecessary distraction for your team. Cleaning is best completed when the office is empty or most employees have departed for home, so choose the time wisely. Evenings, early mornings, and weekends are particularly convenient and will allow the cleaning staff to get on with their role uninterrupted.

4. Keep The Cleaners Informed

Once cleaners are familiar with the layout of your office and are established in their routine, they will arrive and complete their duties thoroughly and quickly. If they encounter unexpected changes, such as internal refurbishments or out-of-hours working, this could impact the quality of their service. Keep the commercial cleaning company informed of any changes to normal arrangements so they can plan accordingly.

5. Be Realistic!

Even professional cleaners may struggle to clean every square inch of your office in exacting detail, so agree a schedule that stipulates how often each area is cleaned. For example, toilets, kitchens, door handles, and stair rails should be deep cleaned daily as bacteria and viruses in these locations pose the greatest threat. On the other hand, office furniture may only need a light touch twice a week.

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