The eCommerce market is thriving and is expected to grow by nearly ten per cent per annum over the next four years, representing an invaluable opportunity for businesses to capitalise on soaring demand through digital sales channels. A versatile and responsive approach to changing market conditions will enable eCommerce companies to reduce their exposure to risk and maximise their profits, particularly as competition in some industries remains strong.

In this article, we’ll explore how the recruitment of temporary warehouse workers can benefit your business by making it more cost-effective, flexible, and responsive.


Temporary Warehouse Staffing: A Win-Win For Your Ecommerce Business

When sourcing dependable and highly skilled workers, eCommerce businesses have a choice: to recruit directly or to engage a temporary warehouse staffing agency. People are the most important asset in any business, but there are distinct advantages of hiring temp staff through Kingdom People:

1. Flexibility

Many eCommerce businesses experience peaks and troughs in consumer demand, for example in the months before and after Christmas or during seasonal sales. At these hectic times, it’s important to ensure that customers receive their orders on time and that the warehouse is not understaffed, so a temporary recruitment agency will be able to quickly source experienced workers on a needs basis. Temp staff can be hired at short notice when orders rise and, because they aren’t employed permanently by your business, they can be released back to the agency as soon as demand falls.

2. Increased Productivity

By hiring temporary workers through a staffing agency, you’ll add experienced and skilled employees to your team who will slot into the warehouse and play a crucial role in driving up productivity. The result? Customers receive their orders on time and your business benefits from glowing reviews and feedback.

3. Lower Costs

Hiring staff directly for your warehouse can be expensive and time-consuming. You’ll need to advertise, recruit, and onboard workers, and will also be responsible for sickness and holiday pay, pension contributions, and National Insurance. Recruiting temporary staff through a staffing agency is a much more cost-effective option, as you won’t need to spend money on advertising, administration will be managed on your behalf, and you’ll pay a clear set rate for each worker who is hired.

4. Improved Quality Control

It’s crucial that your eCommerce business operates smoothly to ensure that customers receive their orders on time, returns are processed quickly, and inventory is maintained at a manageable level. Having worked for many businesses, temporary warehouse workers bring a variety of skills and experiences with them and will be able to fit straight into your company with minimal training. They may also offer ideas to maintain warehouse efficiency, even during peak periods.

5. Reduced Burnout

Working in a busy warehouse is a demanding but fulfilling role. Not looking after your permanent staff during periods of intense pressure can result in them working less productively or taking sickness leave. Hiring temporary staff to supplement your permanent workforce will alleviate the stress and avoid situations in which your team feel overworked, resulting in improved health, wellbeing, and job satisfaction.

Your Next Steps

If you’re wondering how to recruit warehouse workers for your eCommerce business, speak to Kingdom People today. We have a pool of qualified and experienced candidates so we can source the best warehouse workers to give your business the edge over your competitors.

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