A clean office that has been professionally cleaned by a commercial officer cleaner to help boost productivity.

Although many companies have recently moved towards a hybrid working arrangement in which staff can blend remote working with days in the office, there is little doubt that the physical workspace can increase productivity, stimulate collaboration, and unify thinking as your employees strive to achieve a common goal. According to government data, however, average UK productivity is 20 per cent lower than in the US, so it’s in every business’s interest to consider how to improve their team’s output – with office cleaning one of the most important yet undervalued strategies they can implement.


How To Improve Employee Productivity Through Commercial Office Cleaning

At Kingdom, we provide high-quality professional cleaning for commercial offices across the UK. So, how can our services help to improve your business’s productivity?

1. Fewer Distractions

According to research, the physical environment in an office plays a key role in the quality of staff performance. Cluttered workspaces provide an unwelcome distraction that prevents employees from focusing on the task in hand. By outsourcing your office cleaning to a specialist service provider, you will benefit from a tidier, less chaotic workspace that is less distracting so your team can focus on their work.

2. Improved Air Quality

The presence of dust, allergens, and other contaminants in the office can have a major impact on how productively staff can work. Under the Approved Code of Practice that accompanies the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations, indoor air quality must be equal to, or better than, the air outside the building. Sneezing, runny eyes, and breathing problems are consequences of poor indoor air quality; a thorough cleaning regime will help to eliminate the problems so colleagues can work more quickly and accurately.

3. Better Health And Wellbeing

In 2021, over 149 million sick days were taken by UK workers, making ill-health one of the leading causes of low productivity. An office that is not regularly sanitised allows bacteria and viruses to thrive and increases the prevalence of illness amongst your staff. In a clean office, productivity soars as employees are healthier, happier, and motivated. Ensure that your chosen commercial cleaning company has the expertise and knowledge of sanitisation, including in bathrooms, kitchens, and rest areas.

4. Lower Stress Levels

Cluttered and dirty workspaces can also impact your team’s mental health, which drives down productivity. Many people experience soaring anxiety when their surroundings are unclean or poorly organised, particularly in the aftermath of the global pandemic, while a dirty office also implies that managers aren’t concerned about the conditions in which they expect their staff to work. By arranging regular cleaning, you will improve your team’s wellbeing and boost their morale. 

5. Better Collaboration

A clean office, free from clutter and chaos, ensures that staff have instant access to the equipment and resources they need to carry out their work. They’ll spend less time conducting unnecessary searches for assets and cleaning the mess, and more time working collaboratively on business-related matters, which will impact positively on productivity and efficiency.

Give Your Office Productivity A Boost With Kingdom Cleaning

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