As calls for the UK to achieve Net Zero status intensify with rising concerns about the changing climate, many businesses are exploring ways to reduce their impact on the environment. In all cleaning operations, the highest environmental risk comes from harmful cleaning chemicals, while energy inefficient cleaning processes and machinery can also contribute to environmental damage by creating unnecessary carbon emissions.

As a provider of office commercial cleaning services, at Kingdom we take our responsibilities to the environment seriously. By working hard to reduce the use of harmful chemical cleaning agents and our carbon emissions, we are proud to have been awarded the Neutral Carbon Zone™ (NCZ) accreditation.


What Is The Neutral Carbon Zone™ Accreditation?

The neutral carbon zone™ accreditation is a globally recognised standard that is awarded to businesses as a hallmark of their carbon neutrality.

The accreditation highlights our commitment to managing the environmental impact of our operations and our positive actions towards mitigating climate change. However, we believe that the Neutral Carbon Zone™ accreditation is only the first step in our ongoing management of carbon emissions. We will strive for further improvements so that we exceed expectations and deliver a service that blends the highest quality standards with environmental responsibility.

How Have We Achieved The Neutral Carbon Zone™ Accreditation?

So, how has Kingdom become a carbon-neutral commercial cleaning services company?

 - Our company ethos is underpinned by our continual improvement to reducing our carbon emissions, a mission that is embedded within our business culture. All members of our team are attuned to our goals and take active steps to minimise their impact on the environment.

 - We use ethical cleaning products that are free from harmful chemicals, reducing the risks to waterways and habitats, and cutting carbon emissions at the point of manufacture.

 - We have implemented C₂Zero, a fully carbon neutral cleaning system, at all our client locations.

 - Our active carbon management programme allows us to measure, reduce, and offset our CO² emissions so we stay informed about the impact of our operations on the environment.

 - Our company is fully committed to cutting our emissions further and to roll-out new technologies across our operations.

Looking For Ethical Commercial Cleaning Services UK?

If your company is committed to cutting its carbon emissions and achieving Net Zero status, choosing a carbon-neutral cleaning company will help you to achieve your goal.

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