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Local Authority Support (LAS) officers play a key role in keeping communities safe. Antisocial behaviour, such as littering, noise pollution, graffiti, fly tipping, and vandalism, causes distress to residents and affects their quality of life, and deters visitors, tourists, or business investment. Communities blighted by antisocial behaviour quickly acquire a negative reputation, which can fuel the likelihood of more crime and disorder.

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At Kingdom, our Local Authority Support works closely with councils to take prompt and sustainable action in the fight against antisocial behaviour. With police numbers under pressure, effective skills and solutions are needed to deal with persistent and low-level crimes, so our LA support can benefit communities in four ways:

1. Adaptability

For LAS officers, no two days are the same. Officers will face various challenges and will be required to undertake a range of duties, so the ability to be adaptable is a prerequisite of the role. By hiring LAS officers to work in your neighbourhood, you will gain from the reassurance that, as problems arise, our staff will respond in an appropriate and measured way to prevent minor issues from escalating to become major incidents.

2. Communication

Effective communication is essential for all Local Authority Support officers as they will work with a diverse range of people, including members of the community, colleagues, and Local Authority personnel. By offering excellent communication, LAS officers will be able to resolve problems more quickly, establish positive relationship with the public, and build trust amongst residents who will be more likely to entrust them with intelligence about evolving problems.

3. Insightful Decision Making

LAS officers often need to act quickly and instinctively to solve problems or resolve challenging situations. The ability to apply their extensive training, prior experience, and interpersonal skills is crucial, as these enable them to assess a situation, evaluate the options, and make a definitive decision about the best way to resolve an issue before it escalates. Whereas indecisive officers could potentially hinder an investigation, our LAS officers will act swiftly and insightfully to achieve the most suitable resolution for the community.

4. Creative Thinking

To solve the issue of antisocial behaviour, a creative and proactive approach is often required that helps to build community cohesion and relationships with residents. For example, LAS officers can work with other council departments, charities, and other organisations to develop sustainable solutions, instead of simply reacting when a problem occurs. For example, they can plan educational campaigns to help young people to understand the importance of responsible behaviour or run initiatives for young offenders undergoing rehabilitation.

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At Kingdom, we provide Local Authority support for councils to tackle and reduce the range of antisocial behaviour problems, so that communities are safer, cleaner, and greener.

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