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What are the key advantages of using JobsXpress Civil Service Recruitment division over the likes of more commonly found job sites?

Here at JobsXpress, a subsidiary of Kingdom Services Group, we operate as an independent specialist recruitment division that provides our clients in the likes of Civil Services and the public sector with the best Civil Service Recruitment process available across the UK. We understand that the world of Civil Service Recruitment is huge. From the perspective of an employer, it can be difficult to find the right civil service job candidates for the right positions amidst the sea of applications. From a potential civil servant employee's perspective, it can feel like an uphill struggle when there are so many avenues to pursue when looking for a civil service job, a job in the public sector or fixed term contracts.

This comes with an apparent problem for the companies seeking Civil Service Recruitment applicants. Many a company will opt to upload their Civil Service Recruitment jobs onto a more commonly found job site as opposed to approaching a specialist recruitment service such as JobsXpress. Doing so will not make the process of Civil Service Recruitment any easier for those companies, far from it in fact. Companies will end up sourcing the potential civil servants applicants themselves, consuming time and resources.

This is where the benefits of using JobsXpress become abundantly clear. We will bring a tailored and vetted Civil Service Recruitment process to your business focusing on your needs whether you are looking for fixed term contracts, permanent, temporary or interim & emergency opportunities. A more common job site will only offer a pool of civil service job applicants to you.

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