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Guarding is the oldest form of security and protection, however over the years the industry and the techniques involved have seen a massive change.

From foot patrols to access control to CCTV control room teams all our colleagues complete our very own online (e-learning) training software designed to cultivate individual and team skill-sets. SHIELD comprises standard service delivery specific modules such as Customer Care, but can also be tailored to include your own site policies, procedures and specific tasks.

All our guarding teams are screened, vetted, qualified and experienced and supported by the latest technologies.

York is often thought of as being the capital city of northern England. With a rich past, the walled city of York has a vibrant story to tell that certainly equals that of London.

Originally a Celtic settlement, York was given the name of Eboracum, meaning place of the yew trees, by the invading Roman Empire. During the roman rule York became an important part of Britannia, with three emperors all visiting the city. Once the Romans abandoned York, the Anglo-Saxons settled in the city until it was invaded by Vikings in 866. York thrived under Viking rule until England was successfully unified by the Normans.

Today York is a popular tourist spot, due to its vast array of architecture, ruins, parks, churches, cathedrals and medieval buildings like those in The Shambles, a crooked street filled with timber framed shops from eras gone by. The street was originally populated by butchers and blood, offal and guts would flow through the streets – coining the phrase "It's a shambles."

Our core guarding solutions services are extensive, yet our offer is always tailored to your needs.

Such solutions include:

  •  Foot Patrols
  •  Access Control
  •  CCTV Control Room Teams
  •  Support (where a core team officer needs to be temporarily replaced due to absence)
  •  Tactical (where an emergency situation arises or specific annual events take place)

Live date went really well, all staff seemed to have had a positive approach, and all embraced the new changes. The team also received numerous compliments throughout the day with regards to the uniform and how smart they all looked, also many good comments on the Kingdom vehicles with the partnership logo.

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