Factors that influence the cost of mobile patrol security services

Mobile patrol security services play an important role in protecting people and property, by providing a constant reassuring presence that deters criminals and delivers a rapid response should a crime be suspected. As a premises or building manager, the cost of mobile security patrol officers will be a prime concern to you, but the price can vary considerably depending on several factors which we will explore in this article.


1) The size of the property to be patrolled

When calculating the cost of providing mobile security patrols, the time taken for personnel to carry out their duties is a significant factor. Smaller properties can be patrolled in less time than large or sprawling premises, so the number of man hours required is far lower. This will result in less expensive rates. As a rule of thumb, the larger the building or site, the costlier the patrol

2) The number of properties to be patrolled

Whereas some businesses have a single building from which all their activities and operations are performed, others have multiple properties that benefit from security patrols. Providing a comprehensive service for multiple sites will increase the cost of security patrols, as more time will be required for officers to complete their duties.

3) The distance between sites

If businesses have multiple properties or sites that are not geographically connected, this is likely to impact the cost of security guards. The time taken to travel between each property, and the price of fuel, will need to be factored into the quotation; so, if your business operates from multiple locations, anticipate a higher cost.

4) Contract duration

The length of your contract with the security patrol provider can also affect the price. A long-term contract may be cheaper over time as it is more cost-effective when broken down into the price per hour, while you may also be offered a discounted rate for a longer commitment. Short notice or security patrols during peak periods may result in higher prices as it may be more difficult for
the provider to accommodate your requirements.

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