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Ensuring the safety and security of staff, customers, and assets is a priority for all businesses. Traditional security measures, such as CCTV, provide a degree of protection and may deter criminals from targeting your business, but have limitations when it comes to covering large areas or adapting to evolving security concerns.

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Mobile security patrols are a more versatile and comprehensive solution to safeguard your premises and, in this article, we’ll explain the benefit for your organisation.


A Comprehensive Security Net

A significant advantage of mobile security patrols is their ability to quickly cover expansive areas, such as sprawling properties, industrial sites, university campuses, or residential communities. Unlike fixed security solutions, mobile security patrols can monitor extensive areas more effectively, and to change their route in response to evolving situations. By constantly moving through designated areas, mobile patrols can ensure a more visible security presence, deterring potential criminals and enhancing overall safety.


A Swift Response

When emergencies occur, time is of the essence. Mobile security patrols can respond swiftly to any situation that requires their attention, unlike stationary security guards who may need to travel from a base to the incident location. By optimising response times, mobile patrols can de-escalate situations more quickly, apprehend suspects, or offer emergency first aid to injured people while awaiting for professional medical assistance.


Adapting To Developing Situations

Security threats and vulnerabilities are often dynamic, requiring flexible responses that take account of changing circumstances. Mobile patrols can modify their routes, schedules, and tactics based on changing security concerns which ensures that security measures are aligned with the changing landscape of risks. By remaining proactive and responsive, mobile patrols provide a more robust level of protection.


Why Unpredictability Is On Your Side

Often, experienced criminals study security systems and routines to exploit vulnerabilities, such as the position of fixed CCTV and areas of a premises that are not covered by cameras. This maximises their chance of success when carrying out burglaries or robberies. Mobile security patrols create a level of unpredictability that makes it harder for criminals to anticipate their movements. By varying their routes, schedules, and tactics, mobile patrols introduce an element of surprise that deters perpetrators of crime and increases the likelihood that offenders will be apprehended should they attempt to proceed with their plan.


Identifying Risks

As well as providing an effective deterrent to criminals, mobile security patrols play an important part in ensuring the safety and security of properties. They can conduct regular safety checks, including inspecting doors and windows to ensure they are secure, verifying the functionality of security equipment, and identifying potential risks. In secluded areas, for example, behind premises where employees rarely go, they may spot evidence of criminal planning, such as damage to perimeter fences that could allow offenders access after hours. By proactively addressing vulnerabilities and taking preventive measures, mobile patrols contribute to the overall security of the premises.

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