A building access control system is a vital tool in the fight against crime, especially in the world of 24/7 manufacturing. Access control systems keep track of everyone who enters a manufacturing site using a fob, badge, or swipe card. Their personal data is cross-referenced against a database of authorised personnel to determine if they have the security credentials to be granted access.


For manufacturing companies, there are several reasons why this is beneficial:

Restrict Access To Authorised Personnel Only

Security access control solutions can limit access to an entire building or individual rooms, with different clearance levels for different people. Access control systems will record the identity of every person who is admitted, forming a valuable record of who has been in the building.

Also, access controls can be used to improve safety. Manufacturing plants can be potentially dangerous if procedures are not carefully observed, so restricting access can ensure that untrained personnel or visitors aren’t put at unnecessary risk.

Adjustable Access Times

Modern access control security systems enable you to set access times or shifts for different groups of people, including staff and visitors. For example, you can set access times for employees during daylight working hours and make adjustments for the night shift or when the site is closed, when fewer people will be on-site to ensure that your business assets are safe.

Changing the access times is easy and can be completed in a few steps through a user dashboard app, without compromising any other security arrangements you have in place.

Easy To Manage

No matter how many entry points you have on your premises, an access control system makes it simple to monitor who is entering and exiting at any time. All movements are recorded centrally, with remote access allowing the site to be monitored even during evenings and weekends.

With an access control system installed, you can track employees, visitors, and guests to the site or even individual rooms, and take immediate action if unauthorised attempts to enter are repeatedly made. 

Improve Security And Minimise Risk

Using access control solutions is the most effective way to keep track of the people entering and leaving your manufacturing plant, and their movements around the building. Any breach or attempted breach of security can be adeptly managed, with access logs providing a clear picture of events and offering valuable evidence to the police as part of their investigation.

When combined with other security technologies, such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) or biometric identity systems, access control solutions can help to form one part of a robust and comprehensive security net that keeps your business’s assets safe.

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