In the fast paced, dynamic world of retail and commercial business, an effective management information system is paramount to a successful relationship between clients and service providers.

Kingdom identified the need to create and retain this partnership a number of years ago, understanding that analysis of key management information (MI) is essential to our customers and our onsite teams.

As with any great product the starting point was to look at the fundamental needs of the end user: to have a positive, free-flowing, and informative communication and system dialogue which will deliver a specific range of outputs and outcomes, ensuring that the operational performance achieves, or ideally exceeds, the agreed targets.

Kingdom developed a strong mix of traditional and digital MI tools that enables us to keep our clients informed and up to date with the service, how it is operating and whether we are on target to achieve our goals. The introduction of a system like this also increases the ability to report effectively, escalate incidents, resolve complaints and respond to short notice instruction quickly.

Kingdom’s desire to offer our customers and clients the best-in-class services saw the development and launch of very own market leading software, KOMPLETE, a suite of MI products, designed in conjunction with input from our flagship customers, to provide value added, valuable and insightful data, harvested in real time. The introduction of a system like this helps to perpetuate the increasing need to react faster and to support effective business decision making.

Because the software is owned by Kingdom, we can bespoke the functionality of the system specifically to the needs and requirements of each client, and with full software support from our in-house team. Our software incorporates a task management which assigns, and tracks tasks, providing reminders to ensure tasks and agreed actions are always met and to ensure we always deliver a compliant driven service.

Kingdom KOMPLETE is the one stop shop MI programme, providing clients with real time information, instantly and 24/7, from contract reviews to contract data plus our contract achievements, especially those that demonstrate our innovative approach to supporting our clients.

The Kingdom KOMPLETE dashboard providing performance information including:

  • SLA scores – single or group current and historic SLA scores
  • Manning cover – real-time rosters and coverage report on core & reactive hours
  • Finance – Invoice access for live billing and current contract information
  • Welfare – evidence of colleague welfare visits, training, and development
  • Incidents – incident type, date, time, details, and trend analysis data
  • Meetings – live and past service performance history with assigned ownership and action status
  • Added value – live added value calendar and past added value completed.
Kingdom KOMPLETE is proving to be the must have MI system for many of our clients, providing demonstrable benefits to how teams are managed and motivated in today’s digital workforce.