In this week's episode of the Kingdom LAS podcast, we're joined by Martin Montague of ClearWaste to talk about the application that's answering all fly-tipping problems. Plus, we chat about our collaborative pilot scheme with Ealing Council that will test the app's scalability in solving fly-tipping problems and prosecution of fly-tipping across the country. 

What is ClearWaste? 

Martin was motivated to create ClearWaste when he realised first-hand what a problem fly-tipping was, especially in the countryside and on private land. So, he developed an application to form a clear, simple way to report fly-tipping. 

"I decided to create a fly-tipping app because there's no clear and simple way to report flytipping, and it didn't seem to me that there were enough ways to ways to submit evidence or get anything done about it, especially when it came to getting people prosecuted or the damage it does on private land. So, I set about creating the fly-tipping app ClearWaste." 

Using ClearWaste, members of the public can take photos or videos and log them through the application. They may also write a supporting statement and the application will automatically know which council to direct the report to. 

Since its release, the application has attracted 100,000+ users and has been voted within the top 10 apps on Apple multiple times. 

ClearWaste doesn't just facilitate reporting but also encourages education and prevention through a trusted trader scheme. This means anyone can use the trusted trader portion of the application to verify that traders will dispose of waste lawfully. 

So far, ClearWaste is the only application that enables reporting for cases on private land, which account for 75% of all fly-tipping nationally. 


Ealing Council Pilot Study 

Council uptake of ClearWaste has varied, with some councils proactively using evidence to prosecute and issue FPNs and others being overwhelmed by the data due to having little resources to deal with reports. 

"Technology on its own doesn't solve problems. Consumers will mass solve problems. And we've got a huge amount of consumer support with this app."

One of the councils that have welcomed ClearWaste with open arms is Ealing Council. Ealing will become the pilot for a collaboration of support from ClearWaste and Kingdom LAS, where both the application and experts in enforcement will help to provide consultancy and support around fly-tipping prosecution. 


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