Around 60% of break-ins occur at night — making it essential businesses are properly prepared should the worst happen. As vital as regular CCTV cameras are to maintain site security, they need lighting to detect unwanted activity, which is why thermal imaging CCTV is a better, more effective option if your site's safety is at risk during darker hours.

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Not only does thermal CCTV provide greater visibility during periods of low lighting, but they also offer a greater return on investment. To learn more about thermal CCTV cameras and their benefits, read on.

What are thermal CCTV cameras?

Thermal CCTV cameras work by ‘seeing’ heat energy from objects. As all things have heat energy, infrared cameras ‘see’ this to produce an image. Thermal cameras convert the infrared information into an image that shows the surface temperature of the object it is measuring and assigns it a different colour or grey shade.

For example, a person will stand out lighter as they are hotter than their surroundings on a cooler day. However, a person will be presented in a darker colour on a hot day because they are cooler than their surroundings.

Thermal cameras provide the ability to ‘see’ in the dark. At night, a person’s surroundings tend to be cooler than a person, which means people stand out. Ultimately, thermal cameras are particularly useful because they are effective at detecting people in situations where they may be invisible to the human eye. This is ideal for environments such as constructions sites, as the landscapes are more complex and are often victims of theft. 

This is why we see law enforcement also adopt thermal CCTV cameras. It allows officers to track, locate and capture criminals efficiently, especially in adverse weather conditions, in woodland, through dense foliage and other factors that hide criminals.

What are the benefits of thermal CCTV cameras?

As thermal CCTV cameras can ‘see’ what the human eye can’t, they offer a wealth of benefits in terms of security, especially at night. If an attack were to occur, the need for high-quality images is essential — something that wouldn’t be possible at night without thermal CCTV cameras. Read on to discover more benefits of thermal CCTV cameras. 

1. Low-light

As previously mentioned, regular CCTV cameras struggle to pick up on potential intruders during the night and low light. In this area, thermal imaging cameras truly shine, as infrared technology still picks up on heat, no matter the lack of lighting.

2. No visual limitations

Similar to our eyes, regular CCTV cameras have difficulty seeing through visual obscurants that block reflected light. As thermal radiation passes through visual barriers, thermal CCTV cameras can see what’s happening when visible cameras can’t.

3. Camouflaging foliage

Regular CCTV cameras only capture visible light, which means, in some cases, colours or patterns can blend together and make objects or people harder to detect. This isn't an issue for thermal CCTV cameras.

4. Fewer false alarms

Thermal imaging cameras use advanced analytics software applications that perform at higher calibres than other cameras. As a result, the use of high contrast images and video reduces the number of false alarms.

In turn, this is more beneficial for the business as it will reduce the chances of false alarms, which cost companies time and money.

5. Fire detection

Fires are a hazard on building sites and can cause significant damage. A thermal CCTV camera can detect hotspots and temperature rises before they ignite, allowing you to proactively manage fire risks rather than reactively. This makes it an essential piece of equipment, as the early warning response avoids full-on conflagration or compromising safety and assets.

6. Higher ROI

Thermal imaging CCTV is not only affordable but also provides an excellent return on investment (ROI). Due to their high performance, fewer thermal imaging CCTV cameras are required in comparison to regular CCTV cameras. Plus, as most CCTV cameras can’t see further than 200 metres at night and need extra lighting, thermal imaging CCTV cameras are more cost-effective to install and maintain. 

Now you know why thermal CCTV cameras are superior to regular CCTV cameras, you’ll need to find a reliable, cost-effective supplier to install and maintain the system for you. That’s why we’ve created a downloadable resource filled with all the information you need to find the right supplier for your needs so you can rest easy. 

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