What are the duties and responsibilities of a CCTV operator

With over 5.2 million CCTV cameras operational in the UK, closed-circuit television (CCTV) is a part of daily life to which most people are oblivious. Monitoring the public’s every move in shopping centres, workplaces, schools, or on street level is routine, with cameras often discreetly positioned to be barely noticeably. Behind every CCTV camera, however, is a highly skilled operator who may work independently or as a member of a larger team of specialists. In this article, we’ll explore the duties and responsibilities of CCTV operators and the skills they require to be effective in their work.


What is a CCTV operator?

CCTV operators work in a control room to watch CCTV footage live on multiple screens. They may be required to watch a bank of up to 15 screens simultaneously, using a joystick, keyboard, or other controls to change the position or zoom of cameras remotely.

CCTV operators often record, store, or edit digital footage as evidence for the police or court proceedings.

Despite being confined to one room for much of the role, the job of a CCTV operator is challenging, often highly pressured, and rewarding.

What are CCTV operator duties and responsibilities?

The role of a CCTV operator is multi-faceted and goes beyond the crime fighting that most people associate with the role.

The most common duties and responsibilities of CCTV operators include:

❖ Monitoring people in different locations to identify instances of suspicious or unusual behaviour.
❖ Tracking suspect individuals as they move within a building or through a network of streets.
❖ Liaising with security staff or police on the ground to provide detailed intelligence about suspects, such as their appearance, actions, or location.
❖ Ensuring the CCTV system is fully functioning, and that video footage is recorded and stored appropriately.
❖ Assisting police in their enquiries by providing access to CCTV recordings, or copies of footage, whenever required.

CCTV operators can also play an important part in safeguarding staff who are working in isolation or without direct supervision. For example, commercial cleaners often work in the early hours or late at night when offices, shops, or factories are closed; however, if problems arise and their health and safety is at risk, there may be no one on the premises to assist. A CCTV operator can keep a watchful eye over them and, if a dangerous situation occurs, seek immediate help.

Far from being a mundane job, the role of a CCTV operator requires a bank of skills and personal qualities, including:

⮚ Excellent observation.
⮚ An eye for detail.
⮚ The ability to think quickly and logically to respond to an emergency.
⮚ Exceptional communication to work in partnership with other agencies.
⮚ Perseverance and patience.

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