Light has finally been shed on the secretive world of the capitals boy racers with social media accounts advertising secret meet ups where motorists can take part in “drag races” against each other.

The events are for members only and the location of each race is advertised secretly, often only an hour or two before the race takes place, to avoid detection. Groups online such as London Street Racers, Head Turners UK, Street Shutters and Team Rocket London organise meet ups where members can turn up and show off their cars, often doing doughnuts in random car parks.

The groups have previously met up in car parks of big stores like IKEA and Tesco as well as disused housing estates to show off their cars and moves. These settings quickly become all smoked up with cars speeding around. Some of the groups even illegally organise drag races across London and secret meet ups for cars to race at speeds across the capital.


One of the groups that advertises its Drag Races is Team Rocket London. The group advertises drag races on its Instagram profile and post videos of cars going at crazy speeds in the capital. They don’t shy away from their activity online but being part of the group is strictly for members. The brazen race groups have had their fair share of brushes with the police and recently a video emerged of one of the race groups smoking up an IKEA car park with one person raising their middle finger at the cop cars. Another video shows a more recent event where boy racers are approached by police when performing doughnuts in West London.

The secret meet ups suggest that the groups don’t want police to find out where they will be racing and performing tricks in their pimped out cars. Community groups across the capital have been complaining about the “reckless” drivers for months on end and it is a problem felt across London, from West to East.

In one Dulwich neighbourhood watch group, a man was clearly upset with the increase in racing across his area. He said: “I’ve had enough with these boy racers, they keep on going at crazy speeds across the area. They speed at upwards of 80mph down our 30 mph streets and it will not be long before they hit a child and cause some serious damage. What will it take until something stops them? A death?”


In another complaint, this time in Ealing, one man said: “Just drove past Park Royal car parks and the kids were at it again. Doughnuts, wheelies and smoke everywhere. I know it might just be kids but it looks intimidating and surely dangerous.” Kingston, Kensington, Chelsea, Stratford and many other London boroughs have been “plagued” by the drivers and some have even suggested that those running the groups should have their licence taken away when found. Despite community objection the groups continue to advertise upcoming meetings and with over 20 set up in London they don’t look likely to stop.

A spokesperson from the Metropolitan Police said: "We know these gatherings often result in antisocial behaviour including loud music, car racing and litter – all of which have a negative impact on those living in the area or travelling through it to commute. We are listening to the concerns raised and officers from our local Neighbourhood Policing Team are liaising with the local authority and other partners to discuss how we can join together to tackle this issue. Officers will also continue to patrol in the area and speak to those who are taking part in these events. Where necessary and proportionate, a dispersal zone may be put in place."

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