clip_image001Peter Simpson, Operations Director at Kingdom Clean, has written about what factors you need to consider when it comes to choosing a commercial cleaning company.

“It is important that both quality and price are taken into consideration along with the competency of service providers to actually deliver what is promised. Too much emphasis on price can lead to a combination of poor standards.

“The increasing market share of competitive tendering means that the quality standards set by contracting organisations in terms of the price paid for cleaning services have a significant impact on employment, salaries, working conditions in the sector and company infrastructure. As a result of all this, they have an impact on the quality of the service provided.

“The most important asset of any cleaning company is its cleaning personnel. It is with their diligence, motivation, skills and experience that the daily performance of the service stands and falls. Depending on the nature and location of the work to be performed, it is therefore crucial that a bidding company can provide assurance that the personnel selected to perform the work have the necessary experience and capabilities to provide a high standard of service.

“In the case of highly specialised locations (such as hospitals), the contracting organisation may look for proof that the assigned staff has experience of working in this or a similar environment and that the staff have received relevant and accredited training. In other cases, it may be sufficient to receive information on the length of time for which staff have been employed in the industry. This information can be obtained through staff CVs and individual training records.

“All cleaning equipment to be used must be appropriate to the location and surface on which it is to be used. The safety of both the individual using it and the area where it is to be used needs to be ensured through providing adequate training on suitable and safe use and adequate maintenance.”

Kingdom Clean deliver a supervisor or site-managed commercial cleaning and maintenance service and are committed to using the best people, technologies and products to provide a leaner, smarter and more connected organisation. They believe that clean premises reflect the qualities of an organised, professional business.

They add value by taking a pro-active stance towards site cleanliness and tidiness. They also advise on ways to cut cost, what tasks can be reduced, what time of day is cheaper or how to reduce electricity consumption or CO2 emissions when cleaning. To find out more about Kingdom Clean, please visit or click here to read their online brochure.