PrintKingdom has created a new sign in Welsh to go alongside the equivalent English versions that are displayed at all of the sites that they provide security services to in Wales.

Kingdom aims to embrace all of the local cultures that they operate within, and the introduction of dual signs is just a part of Kingdom’s on-going and continuous engagement with local communities.

The sign says:

Mae’r eiddo hwn wedi ei ddiogelu gan
Canolfan Gefnogaeth Genediaethol:
0845 051 770
Rhagoriaeth Gwasanaeth Cenedlaethol

The equivalent sign in English says:

This property is protected
National Support Centre:
0845 051 7700
National Service Excellence

Kingdom provides security services to a wide range of businesses and individuals in Wales, and has a regional office based in Cardiff. They specialise in risk, loss and the protection of property, people and brand. Kingdom has over 20 years industry experience and are now one of the largest privately owned security companies in the UK. To find out more about Kingdom, please visit