In the ebb and flow of our work lives, there are moments that stand out, evoking a profound sense of pride in what we do. This week is one of those extraordinary occasions as we shine a spotlight on the remarkable efforts of two individuals from our team who went the extra mile to save lives in two separate incidents. 

Garry Fisher, a dedicated member of our Dartford team, assisted police in attending to another officer who had collapsed with chest pains, the quick response from Gary and the police meant they were with a paramedic in under 30 minutes and is now recovering in hospital. There can be no doubt that Garry’s actions largely contributed to our colleague surviving and now recovering in hospital.  

Meanwhile, Clifford Fox, Camden Team Manager, whilst on duty on 22 November 23, came across a distressed man outside Kings Cross station who had collapsed and started to have seizures. Clifford swiftly used his first aid skills to administer CPR whilst giving timely updates on the phone to the LAS control room. The man had over twenty seizures and two cardiac arrests during Clifford's time helping him. His actions undoubtedly saved a life and he acted not only as an amazing human being, but as a representative of Kingdom LA Support & Camden council. courage, Enforce) strategy, they established rapport with the community and addressed repeat offenses through the issuance of Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs).



Group Director, Michael Fisher, was delighted to present both Clifford and Garry with a commendation and a reward for their heroic actions. 

Michael Fisher goes on to say: 

“It was one of those moments at work when you really feel proud to be a member of such a great team as Kingdom Local Authority Support, when I presented commendations to not one but two colleagues for helping to save lives on separate incidents in different parts of the country.  
Garry Fisher from our Dartford Team together with emergency services rendered vital first aid to his colleague who whilst on duty suffered a cardiac event and Clifford Fox who single handily performed CPR and utilised a Defibrillator to assist a member of the public outside Kings Cross Station London when the gentlemen had stopped breathing . 

The fantastic actions of these two men ensured that two people went home to their families that day. 

Well done indeed we are very proud of you both.” 

We’re incredibly proud that you’re a part of the Kingdom team!