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The CIH approved training provider expands its foray into social housing with a brand-new offering 

Kingdom Academy, one of five CIH approved training providers, has launched two new Accelerated Housing Qualifications at Level 4 and Level 5. At just eight months duration, the accelerated courses enable social housing professionals to acquire the vital expertise in a much shorter timeframe. The accelerated housing qualification is the first of its kind condensing the standard CIH Level 4 and 5 qualifications by five months, for professionals who value efficiency and a more discussive, self-directed approach to learning. 

Sara Roberts, Director of Service at Kingdom Academy, says: “We are pleased to be the first training provider to be able to offer this accelerated housing course in both Level 4 and Level 5. As one of just five CIH-approved training providers, we deliver high-quality tutoring and training across the housing industry – and at a time when many housing organisations need to upskill their staff efficiently and effectively, our accelerated courses are essential to ensuring a smooth transition for many associations.” 

With the Social Housing Regulation Act mandating that all housing managers and senior executives need to possess, or be working towards, a Level 4 or 5 housing management qualification, the importance of high-quality training cannot be overstated, and the accelerated course offers additional flexibility and a tailored approach for higher level learners. 

“The changes to the act related to housing managers has meant lots of new training providers without experience have flocked to the market to take advantage of housing associations’ urgently needing training,” explains Sara. “In contrast, we have been delivered CIH accredited qualifications for over ten years, all our tutors are highly trained and have years of experience and are able to offer training that suits the individual learner, as well as the organisation they work for.” 

The learning programmes include 12 three-hour masterclasses over the course of eight months. The courses of just ten learners facilitate less instruction and more interactive discussion style learning. 

The accelerated courses offer associations the solution of upskilling staff without imposing excessive time commitments and significantly impacting operational capacity. 

Find out more information about the new accelerated housing courses here or contact enquiries.KA@kingdom-academy.co.uk