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Hear from one of our amazing apprentices who has undertaken the Kingdom Academy Housing Apprenticeship!

Maite, who works as a New Build Property Management Administrator at Hackney Council, discusses what made her decide to do the apprenticeship and what the experience has taught her.

Tell us a bit about your apprenticeship process…

I found out about the apprenticeship from my previous manager who was completing one at the time. Then I researched on the course I wanted to do and reached out to the
apprenticeship manager at my workplace. I enrolled in a Level 3 Housing and Property
management that I started in November 2022 and completed about a month ago.

What was your main motivation for doing an apprenticeship?

My main motivation was to extend my knowledge in the field, to understand the history of the housing industry and explore all the components of housing management.

Another motivation was to boost my competencies and skills for my CV and give
me confidence to progress in my career.

Has embarking on the apprenticeship changed your perception of them?

Before starting my own apprenticeship, I actually didn’t know that you could
complete an apprenticeship whilst in full time work! I thought it was only available as
an alternative after college or if you were looking for work! So embarking on an apprenticeship definitely changed my perception. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by how supported we were throughout the whole process and now I believe that apprenticeships are really set up for you to succeed.

Was the training and qualifications that your employer offered a big motivation to stay at your company?

It has definitely become a big motivation to grow within my company. As they have invested in me, it’s only right that I pour back into them everything that I learn, to
improve as a housing professional and as a company.

I am so proud to be in an organisation that encourages and supports staff career development through training and qualifications.

How has the apprenticeship programme impacted you within your role today?

I am definitely more confident in my role, and I am more comfortable taking initiative
and taking the lead on projects. The apprenticeship has also made me feel even
more sure that I am on the right career path and I want to stay working in housing and
property management.

What would you say to others who are thinking of starting a housing apprenticeship?

Just do it! I’ll encourage anyone to do a housing apprenticeship, there’s so many benefits, not only educationally but personally too. Although it can be challenging at times with balancing work, studies, and personal life all at once, the reward that will come out of it will be so worth it.

Do you plan on doing more training and qualifications in the future? In terms of
career goals, where do you want to be in five years time?

I think that I will go for a Level 4 qualification at some point in the next couple of years,
this will further boost my competencies to reach my main career goal. In 5 years’ time I will either be a project manager or an area manager in housing development, overseeing multiple housing projects.


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