Kingdom L A Support are proud to announce that we are now able to offer a fully accredited and certified Environmental Enforcement Officers Training Course. This is the first training course of its kind and has been fully accredited by The CPD Certification Service. 

This unique training course provides training for those who would like an understanding of environmental crime and/or anyone who is looking to develop a career within this industry. Learners will cover all topics related to and involved with this line of work including legislation involving environmental crime and waste management. Learners will also recognise how their behaviours can impact on the relationships companies want to achieve and why they need to be adaptable to get desired outcomes. From waste management and legislation to communication skills and relationship management, our new course has all bases covered. 

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The interactive course is filled with practical sessions, videos and legislative content and is available to anyone; Kingdom employees, prospective employees or those looking to expand their knowledge. Once the course is complete learners will gain a nationally recognised certificate for Environmental Enforcement. 

Zoe Darcy, Head of Training for Kingdom, has been a key part in getting this exciting new course off the ground and says: ''The Environmental Officer training course has been formulated by the group to encompass every type of learning style and cover all areas of work in the environmental enforcement industry. I’m positive it will be a huge success and enable those with knowledge to now certificate their achievements. Having the course CPD certified is a huge plus for the industry and Kingdom.''

John Roberts, Solutions Director for Kingdom L A Support, has been passionate about this project for years and has been integral in the creation of the course. He says: ''I am incredibly excited and proud that we are able to offer this course. It is the first of its kind and truly market leading. I have been so passionate about it as I believe this sort of in-depth training and knowledge will help our staff (and potential future employees) have a comprehensive understanding of why we do what we do, and they will therefore be able to offer a top-class service to every community and authority.'' 

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