Whether it’s plant or asset, construction sites regularly fall victim to theft. That’s why it’s essential that measures are put in place to deter, detect and delay criminals. Employing on-site security guards can be a costly investment. Alternatively, a more cost-effective solution worth considering is CCTV remote monitoring.

We’re taking a closer look at what CCTV remote monitoring is and the benefits it offers.

What is CCTV remote monitoring?

Remote monitoring is a cost-effective security solution to protect your site. This service involves connecting your CCTV to a remote monitoring station via WiFi or Sim Cards 4G. The CCTV can stay connected 24/7 or be switched on in the evenings or when your site is left unattended. 

How does CCTV remote monitoring work?

As previously mentioned, remotely monitored CCTV works by routing the pictures from your CCTV cameras to an external monitoring station.

With CCTV remote monitoring, an experienced team will be watching your CCTV when the camera detection is activated, carefully watching for an intruder or any suspicious activity. By choosing to have multiple CCTV cameras installed, your site can be monitored from all angles, ensuring unusual activity is detected.

If there is an intruder at your site, a live audio warning will be issued to the intruder and a mobile response unit will be deployed to check over the site. View the video below to see this in action.

If your monitoring system is triggered, an alarm can be sent to the monitoring station in two ways:

  • Video analytics - using an algorithm, these CCTV cameras will spot shapes that look like a person. If the system spots this, an alarm is raised at the monitoring station for the team to check the cameras and take appropriate action.
  • Infrared sensors - these systems send an alarm signal to the monitoring station if it’s triggered by someone crossing the sensor. 

Benefits of CCTV remote monitoring

1. It’s cost-effective

By choosing to invest in remote CCTV monitoring, you eliminate the need for an on-site security guard which can be very costly. A remotely monitored CCTV system ensures someone is watching your site at all times and can take action if any breaches occur, saving you money.

2. Remote CCTV monitoring is proactive and responsive

In comparison to other security systems, remote CCTV monitoring quickly responds to any suspicious behaviour within moments. This ensures emergency services are alerted or a response team is sent out immediately following a breach. This rapid response time increases the chances of criminals being apprehended. 

4. Provides reassurance

With a remote monitoring solution, you can rest assured that the integrity of your property and site is safe in the hands of professionals. The staff monitoring your CCTV are well-trained in spotting suspicious activity and responding quickly and efficiently.

5. Criminals will be deterred

Often, simply the presence of CCTV is enough to deter potential intruders from entering your premises. With remote CCTV monitoring, there is the added benefit of being able to communicate directly with criminals and give them a warning, which is another effective deterrent.

6. Convenience

A great benefit of remote CCTV monitoring is its flexibility, as footage can be viewed from another location. All that’s required is a working internet connection to access the surveillance footage, which is what makes this system so convenient. 

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