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Informed decisions about your environment, your people and your business.

Kingdom always begins any contract awards having secured a crystal clear understanding of our clients' requirements; identifying where we can best help and support you. Through our SC or DV security cleared Risk and Mitigation team, Kingdom can provide a sense check at a moment in time, therefore enabling you to review your systems, practices and protocols against the latest thinking and guidelines. Most importantly, you will have a document to base your security assumptions against. This risk and mitigation document is extremely useful when dealing with budgets, funding requests and business cases.

Through partnership, we select additional services where we believe true benefit can be demonstrated to you as our valued client. We offer sustainable solutions, results and transformation to your business in the areas of risk and mitigation, simplification and cost optimisation.

Andy Howe
Head of Risk & Mitigation

Our core risk and mitigation services are extensive, yet our offer is always tailored to your needs.

Such solutions include:

  • Business continuity, crisis management, evacuation planning and incident management
  • Examination of your systems (penetration testing)
  • Asset protection
  • Commercial intelligence
  • Data profiling and screening
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Training for your people
  • Electronic counter-surveillance
  • Technical surveillance counter measures
  • Surveillance (static and mobile)
  • Private investigation

Given the current CT climate, I needed an holistic review of our security regime, in particular our contingency plans in times of crises. I approached Kingdom Services Group, who introduced their risk management and mitigation lead to conduct the review. The process included interviews with all parties involved in security management and an audit of both the physical and technical aspects of the security regime documented in an depth review including a risk register. The risk register is a living document which we regularly review and as a result of this process I am now in receipt of intelligence updates from a number of sources through Kingdom.

I would recommend the service to everyone involved in the management of security to ensure their systems and processes remain robust and relevant in the ever changing threat environment.


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