Intelligence & Cyber

Our Intelligence and Cyber division supports our customers to shape their present and future standing against real threats and risks to their business.

Both the world and security markets are changing fast and the need for a fully holistic, multi layered intelligence service, is not the future, but it is the here and now - and an unrivalled solution available from Kingdom.

On all fronts, business is facing an ever evolving and hardening threat from multiple vectors, that is persistent, technically complex, sophisticated, and well resourced. Of course, the most effective way to secure a business is to use a combination of physical, information and personnel security measures.

By engaging our intelligence led services we will help your business better understand the threat so that you are able to make informed decisions to help reduce the risk.

Our team includes recognised experts in their chosen field, with backgrounds in the MOD, Police and Intelligence Services, who will work with you from project inception through all stages of the operational cycle, to maturity or decommissioning.

Our service is supported with a "help desk team" to ensure your enquiry is handled with the upmost integrity.

Andy Howe
Head of Risk & Mitigation

Our core intelligence and cyber solutions are extensive, yet our offer is always tailored to your needs.

Such solutions include:

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