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Our Event and Close Protection (CP) service includes crowd management, provision of stewarding teams, and a consultancy service to help clients with any event-related security based issues. These services provide specialist operatives in ensuring the safety, security and well-being of a broad spectrum of client groups.

Kingdom provide support to ensure that itineraries run to plan and that long days and sometimes overwhelming lists of tasks can be completed and accomplished with as much ease as possible. We do all we can to ensure our clients receive the highest possible standards of hospitality, care and support 24/7.

Each event is methodically planned to ensure the security task is completed as per the detail. Our appointed Event Manager in each case takes full responsibility for the contract, including initial planning, client interface, best practice procedures, consultation and performance.

Our core events and close protection solutions services are extensive, yet our offer is always tailored to your needs.

Such solutions include:

  • Close and VIP protection
  • Crowd management and stewarding teams
  • Consultancy advice

I wish to bring to your attention that the Kingdom Supervisor and his team received comments on his professionalism by GHQ and, in particular received praise for their bearing, attitude and the manner in which they had worked alongside Police Scotland Officers posted at this venue.

This is particularly re-assuring for me and is in line with my own opinion of high performance from the team thus far.

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