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Our social housing sector team has extensive experience and an in-depth understanding of this sector and focus on the criteria that matter most to you.

We support major social housing contracts with best-in-class services delivered using the latest service modelling techniques and methodologies.

Undertaking a full range of services we are able to respond effectively to the needs of your business, often at short notice and operating in total confidentiality.

Embracing your demographics, culture and sensitive requirements, our colleagues complete appropriate level vetting.

Recognising the ever growing issues faced within this sector, Kingdom has developed tailored training courses.

We work closely with you to devise a service solution that is both relevant and robust and aligned to cost pressures and the innovation you need to achieve your goals.

Our attention to detail and active management guarantees that properties are maintained to the highest standards and kept in first class condition, ensuring the value of the building is sustained with happy and secure tenants.

Delroy McGee
Sector Specialist

Our core social housing solutions services are extensive, yet our offer is always tailored to your needs.

Such solutions include:

Bravery, quick response & courage, responding to a life threating situation on the 10th May where she followed procedures, undertook CPR / issued Naloxone as instructed / directed by emergency services and potentially saving a life. Fabulous work.

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