Our Leadership Team

Group Leadership

Our national network is led and supported by our leadership team. Our leadership team is known and visible and responsible for delivering the Kingdom vision, goals and key drivers and for ensuring all of our colleagues are happy and motivated to deliver a best in class service to our clients.

Terry Barton

Chief Executive Officer

Overseeing a very united organisation is a privilege. There’s so much diversity, experience and ability across the business, I am honoured to be the head of this dynamic group of companies.

Nigel Whittle

Strategic Financial Director

We operate with a financially stable trading history. This has been achieved through a sound business model of sustainable profitability, outstanding performance, major contract awards and bold acquisitions.

Rob Barton

Group Director

With innovation at the core of our business, I pride myself on creating and delivering innovative applications and solutions to support operations and service delivery.

Mark Wallace

Group Director

With 30+ years in the security industry, success is best delivered through trust, transparency and delivering a quality service consistently, which is exactly what my team does.

Jaimie Potts

Group Sales & Commercial Director

An engaging business leader who enjoys the daily challenge, performing at a high level while thinking about different solutions to challenges. With strengths in sales and finance I love being part of a successful team.

Our Leadership Team

Company Leadership

Graham Allison

Managing Director - Security

With over 25 years in a leadership role within the security industry, graham brings a wealth of experience across all sectors. Focused on ‘Best in Class’ service delivery and innovative solutions, which are key to ensuring our customers are always at the forefront of our offerings.

Iain Macintosh

Managing Director - Systems

Responsible for the strategic, financial, development and operational wellbeing of Kingdom Systems. We specialise in CCTV, Intruder, Fire and Access Control. Enjoys family, rugby and golf.

Kevin Chute

Managing Director - Recruitment

20+ years experience in leadership positions within global recruiters, I know what it takes to find and hire the best talent. I am a big believer that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and so I strive to support and motivate the team to work together to deliver exceptional customer service, whilst realising their own potential.

Michael Fisher

Managing Director - Local Authority Support

Joined in 2013, I invest time and capital into developing service delivery and together with my team support local authorities to investigate and prosecute environmental criminality and anti-social behaviour.

Peter Buff

Managing Director - Cleaning

With 25+ years in outsourcing and professional services, I am passionate about growing our business with a strong ethic and purpose that enriches the lives of our staff and the clients we work for.

Patricia Casement

Managing Director - Healthcare

Creating safety, independence, healing, and dignity through Kingdom Healthcare's purposeful activities everyday. Kingdom Healthcare provide care services for clients across Northern Ireland. Kingdom Healthcare are here for you and your family when it matters.

Balraj Sohal

Managing Director - Medical

With innovation at the core of our business, I pride myself on creating and delivering innovative applications and solutions to support operations and service delivery.

Robert Carter

Managing Director - Mercury

We pride ourselves on the ability to service a wide range of “On Floor” operational roles within each factory setting to include, General Operatives, Line Leaders, QA / QC, Supervisors, Cold Store Operatives, FLT Drivers and Warehouse Operatives.