Did you know that over 15 million working days lost to work-related stress, depression or anxiety last year, so it’s clear that workplaces need to do everything they can to support the mental health of all their colleagues.

This Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, we caught up with our People Team Manager, Karen Kelly and People Team Advisor, Alyssa Jones, to discuss why working in a supportive team is vital for our mental health at work, plus, a little insight into our People Team here at Kingdom.



  1. As part of the People Team at Kingdom, what does your day-to-day role entail?

Our role is built around change. Different days, different people, different challenges.

Kingdom's People Team are a strategic team, generating business value, and able to proactively build great experiences for their people that keep them motivated, engaged, and productive.

Our team are committed to improving and building great employee experience by being people focused.

Included in this commitment is ensuring our colleagues have a supportive management structure around them. The People Team provide advice and guidance daily to people managers, to ensure colleagues have the best support around them.


  1. How do Kingdom support colleagues who may be suffering from mental health issues?

If Kingdom is made aware of an issue, we can look to assist in a number of ways.

Colleagues will be allocated a dedicated HR advisor to their case, so they have one point of contact who knows them and their situation. They will work together to build a support action plan. This may include regular welfare meetings, risk assessments, authorisation of emergency leave to deal with immediate short-term issues. Each action plan is bespoke and tailored to colleagues' individual needs and situation.

Our people team are allocated a welfare ‘pot’ to use at their discretion, this could be used for something as simple as sending a bunch of flowers to a colleague to let them know they are valued and thought of.

Our colleagues also have access to DragonPerks - a wellbeing portal for our colleagues.

It is important to know that all discussions will be in the utmost confidentiality and only relevant information (such as amendments or return to work dates) for operational needs will be disclosed. Any sensitive information will not be divulged unless authorisation has been given to do so. We will ask for authorisation should this be required.

  1. How can colleagues offer support to one another?

Stigma surrounds people with mental health difficulties, and the recovery process is often misunderstood. Colleagues can support each other by creating an environment where people feel able to talk openly about mental health.

Being aware and recognising how someone may be feeling is the first step you can take to support one and another. Once the first step has been taken, we see it as you do not need to take the rest on your own.

  1. Why is a supportive team so important?

Having a supportive team around you is vital now more than ever before.

Everyone has been affected in one way or another by recent events. People will find comfort in knowing there are others feeling the same as they are. Having someone to talk to can lighten any burden they may feel, and others can share any support networks they have found useful.

Being part of a supportive team can give a sense of self-worth and builds self-esteem.

  1. What advice would you give to anyone concerned about a colleague’s mental health, and how would be best to approach the situation?

Early intervention is important to assist reduce the level disorders can affect an individual. If anyone has concerns regarding their colleague's mental health or just want to learn more about what they can do to help, they can confidentially contact the people team for additional support.

  1. The People Team at Kingdom are always on hand to offer support and advice to Kingdom colleagues whenever it is needed - tell us a little about the team and how they help support the wellbeing of colleagues at Kingdom.

Our People Team are more than human resources, they are people with different motivations, mindsets, passions, and interests and because of this, they are confident in supporting colleagues who face challenges with their mental health.



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