If anyone can make you listen to a podcast all about litter, it's Michael Fisher, Managing Director of Kingdom Local Authority Support and its Head of Service, John Roberts.

Each week, a new episode will cover everything to do with environmental crime from littering to dog-fouling and low-level fly-tipping. 

In the first-ever episode of the Kingdom LAS Podcast, Michael and John break down 10+ years of litter support, starting in 2009 when the team was only accepting ad-hoc work for combatting green waste fly-tipping and graffiti, to now, when Kingdom Local Authority Support's service sprawls across the entire country, having raised £3.3M for Local Authorities in the last twelve months. 

Kingdom Local Authority Support's History

In just 50 minutes, you'll learn everything you need to know about Kingdom LA Support's work with Local Authorities and the free assistance they offer — including a funny story about Michael and John's first meeting. 

Despite their slow start, the pair have now worked together for a decade, developing their professional relationship, the service they offer and most importantly, the valuable relationships they have with Local Authorities around the country. 

Michael and John give a behind-the-scenes look at just how they've done this, touching on topics like:

What's Next for Kingdom Local Authority Support?

The episode focuses as much on the future it does on the past. 

The show's hosts outline how littler is just as much of a problem today as it was a decade ago, being pushed even further up our agenda since the pandemic when people started noticing the sheer amount of rubbish left lying in public spaces while out on their daily walks. 

So, how can litter support evolve to better tackle UK trash? 

Michael and John talk about what's next for Kingdom LAS, as well as ideas that have already been put into motion—or as Michael puts it, the acorns from which the oak tree is growing.  

  • Collaboration with other Kingdom teams including Kingdom Security and Kingdom Cleaning to provide more comprehensive, robust litter services
  • An application developed by ClearWaste to give a clearer picture of environmental offences, as well as greater data accuracy 

Ultimately, this podcast provides an overview of the transformational work Kingdom LAS do to support Local Authorities, achieving the overarching aim to create cleaner, safer and greener communities.

Listening to the Kingdom LAS Podcast

To catch up with any of the episodes of the Kingdom LAS show, simply listen to the podcast on your preferred platform. 

You can find the brand new litter podcast from people revolutionising environmental crime in Britain on Spotify and SoundCloud.